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    5/19-5/23/02- I just started the site. I made most of the links, but the pages lack things. Added some to Koro's trick tips. I did my (Koro's) bio. Trying to get video clips on too. I'll figure it out soon.
    5/24/02-Added a list of all Koro's tricks
    Added things to Koro's bio
    5/25/02- Added A list of Koro's decks, added Funny pictures section, updated Skate pics, figured out animations and added some, and figured out video clips and added some to The Skate Clips Page
    5/26/02- Added Marc's bio, and added Mike to the SaOs team page.
    5/27/02- Updated Koro's Pics , Chripple's bio, and the Skate Pics section
    5/30/02- Updated everything and added the News Section
    6/1/02- Updated News, and added Marc's Video Clips
    6/04/02- Added Marc's Pics, Added a bunch of animated GIF's, added a list of everyones tricks in there S.a.O.s team page section
    6/07/02- Added a crapload of pics and video clips to the Skate Page
    6/8-14/02- Added tons of clips to the Skate Clips Page, and added and updated the Video Reviews section
    then until 8/11/02
    Added tons of video and pics everwhere, added a skate thing to the front page. made an updates section. and added a new member to S.a.O.s!
    8/17/02- Added new clips to the Saos Team Section of the site
    8/19/02- Added clips and pics to Mike's S.a.O.s Team Section. changed the format of the site layout. added a new picture to the front page. and added the skate spots in tampa section to the front page.