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    Kory's House

    It has 2 1 1/2" launch ramps, a 6 foot long rail, and a green electric box thingy

    The Neighborhood

    2 Cliff gaps (have to hit them at an angle though), Sewers to do stuff over, driveways to manual, some smooth streets, some crappy ones, things to do bombdrops off of, and other stuff.

    Skatepark of Tampa
    Just see everything about it here Skatepark of Tampa's Website
    Heres some clips of us skating it

    Boneless Off the Stage
    Axel Stall Body Varial on the Spine

    Barn's and Noble/Picadilly

    A long 3 step with a short tall handrail on the left side.

    A Plaza across from the Mosi Museum

    a skinny 8 step with handrails on both sides with kinks at the end. and another big set behind the stores, also a 3 step at the Wendy's beside the plaza.

    Publix Off of Highway 41

      A 5" Loading Dock, a long ramp that if your really good you could ollie the fence then go to flat, a Grass/Curb Gap from the road to the Bank's Road next to it , and here's another Gap Next to it , a Huge Curb/Grass Gap from the Road to the Car Entrance, ....(Another View), A little Flat Curb/Grass gap in the parking lot about a foot or 2 long, a long 3 foot wide curb in the back to ollie manual or whatever, the bank has a big gap that goes right onto the highway, ....(Another View) and little ledges to ollie nosemanual , it has painted curbs but you'd probably get noticed and kicked out if u started sessioning them, and i think that's it.

    A Church Across and Down the street from Buchannon Middle School

    A curb up then a 6 Step, about 8 or 9 feet in legnth on the top of them, and a 5 step on the other side, then a curb off. Curbs everywhere, a little tilted thing leading to a door that you could do stuff off. and handrails on both stair sets.

    Kory doing a run using the whole church


Of course. It has everything there stairs everything from 2 to 10 or more. ledges, gaps, everything u could ask for. But theres also cops. so be careful if u plan on skating here.

Calvary Temple Church

a nice big 5 step with a big handrail, some curbs and angled launchers. its on 8610 Temple Terrace Highway. I havent skated there but i saw it. The set looked nice.

The Old Cookers

It's an abandoned restraunt on Busch Blvd. it's far from the road with a 5 step (pretty sure) leading to the top deck and steps on each side as well. and its abandoned so no one cares.