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Rodney Mullen Vs. Daewon Song Round 2

If you like tech skateboarding these videos are for you. If you've never seen Rodney Mullen skate, you really need to see this video. Since this video isnt made by a particular company it has lots of adds for Tensor Trucks and other companies that get anoyying, but still after seeing Mullen and Songs parts its worth it. The video starts out showing all these old pictures of Rodney Mullen when he started skating then he does all these really tech tricks in an alley like nollie flip underflip, and ghazzele underflip. Then it finishes his segment. He does so much crap u dont see by anyone else. Its like old school freestyle with newschool. He does really tech flip tricks and tech crooked grinds (like with double flip varials out).

Then it has an A-team segment, a decca segment, a darkstar segment, a world industries segment, and a speed demon segment. All of these feature either Song or Mullen.

Then it has Daewon Song's Part. Daewon Song has an awsome smooth style. He is best with all of his fliping in and out of manuals to manuals to manuals. He also likes to make his little own creations with picnic tables. he'll make a launch ramp gap with them and 270flip noseblunt slide it. He does some amazing things with the picnic tables. Then the movie ends. And u watch it again. I must have seen this movie at least 50 times. And it never gets old. Its just one of those movies thats different from the other ones. its not an interview movie or anything, just tech skating, plus it was made in like '94 i think. that makes it so much better because it amazes u, and it was so long ago. Imagine what they are like now.

this movie gets 9 out of 10 stars. Its in my top 5 movie list