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Clips take awhile to download so just be patient

Montage: Lots of feebles, smiths, and others
Montage of a bunch of stuff on my old rail
Bs feeble Complex gap
5-0 on my old rail
Ollie over come crates on one of those shitty ramps
Montage of a bunch of stuff over a dirt gap with my rail on it
More shitty stuff across that dirt gap
Mortal Kombat Montage: bank ramp
Super Duper Flips
More Ooper Flips
A Bunch of Random Clips From the S.a.O.s movie
360flip off my ramp
nollie heelflip to boardslide to dropoff to chris falling over and screwing up my 360flip
FSBS to dropoff
360flip to seesaw 50-50 to sketch boneless 360 to sketchy 360flip
Smith the kink rail at SPOT but i didnt land it cus SPOT closed I'll land it later
Switch ollie off my ramp over a recycling bin
360flip over a sewer thing with a 3500 dollar camera
Doublekickflip over a sewer
Smith on one of those Green Electrical Boxes
360 fingerflip footplant
50-50 stall to tail 180 revert out
Boneless 360 of the SPOT stage
Casper stall to fakie
Mini180 off of a picnic table
Mini ollie of top bench to tail on the lower one
180 No Comply of a ledge in the back of Publix
Big 180 over a grass gap
180 a 3 step
BS axel Body Varial Drop-in over a Spine
Kickflip a 3 step
6 Stair Ollie
6 Stair Ollie Bust
Huge 7 Stair Ollie (but after it is grass so i could'nt fully ollie it)
7 Stair Ollie Different Angle
180 Up a Curb, Then a Fakie Treflip, then Ollie a 5 Step, and a No Comply Off the other Curb
Double Kickflip Off the SPOT Stage
Kickflip Off the SPOT Stage Over a Trashcan
Mini-Ollie Off a Workbench to Disaster on a Launchramp
Mini-Shuvit Off the Workbench To the Launcher
Boneless and a No Comply Fingerflip On a Steep Bank Mini-Pipe
Varialkickflip Off the SPOT Stage Over a Trashcan

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