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Hey this is Kory's bio so i guess im supposed to talk about me. I skate Um, i live im Tampa, Fl. Im 15, m in 9th grade. i love to skate, its my life. I also like playing Gutiar. SINGLE!!!. i dont like hobbies. there too complicated. i skate. without skateboarding, um, yea, id be a stupid fat couch potatoe which i have been all last summer b/c i tore a ligament in my ankle. i skate. Um i love punk rock, some regae, pretty much anything but rap, country, and pop like Sublime, Black Flag, Anti-Flag, the Distillers, Sex Pistols, Old-School System of a Down, Black Hand. i skate. Im tall. Um, i also like to film and do editing on my computer. Im lazy. I skate. Old School skating is sick. Its awsome making up your own tricks and variations. and i skate.


Leap before u Look

Tony Hawk is a gay sell-out

Dont use big words

Cant fight the youth

Team sports are gay

Current Setup
Deck: Consolidated / 7.75
Trucks: Venture lows
Wheels: Ricta Templeton cores/ Update: 6-16- Now im using element 54's
Shoes: Emerica Andrew Reynolds (black and red)
Bearings: half of them are lucky 3's, then some black panther quickies, and some bone's reds and some i dont even know what kind.
Grip: Black Magic

Stance: Goofy
Favorite Trick: No complies, fakie 360 flips, nose manuals, Boneless everythings, nollies, manuals
Best Trick: Fakie bigspinflip, nollie heelflip, switch varialkickflip, FS nosegrind to lipslide, 50-50 360 out, no comply 360flip, switch varial heelflip, switch BS flip, switch no comply, double kickflip.
Started Skating: 13
Date of Birth: 12/26/87
Favorite Skaters:
I cant decide which ones are my favorites theres so many sick guys out there. the best overall is Louie Barletta, but some people on top are Rodney Mullen, Mike V, Koston, Bam, Jamie Thomas, Jerry Hsu, Jason Adams, Arto, Daewon Song, Geoff Rowley, Tom Penny, Tony Alva, John Lucero, and Andrew Reynolds. And vert people just Bob Burnquist, Glifberg, and Bucky, oh and that canadian ummmm the guy from FLIP.oh yeah Alex Chalmbers.
Favorite Videos:
1) Man Down
2) Toy Machine: Welcome to Hell
3) Blind: Video days
4) Decca Second to None

If Practice Makes Perfect, and No one's Perfect, Then What's the Point of Practice
Is the Government Using Skateboarding, Or is Skateboarding Using the Government?