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Okay, this trick is the trick that will make u take off in your progression in skateboarding. You should have an ollie about a foot i guess. I've taught this trick to like 4 people so ill do my best. The best place to start is in the grass. There is no right position to put your foot. Remember that. Just b/c u see someone put there foot different than u, dont worry. Experiment putting your foot in different positions and angles. Your front foot should be below the bolts, though. Your back foot should be like an ollie. When u kickflip, just try to ollie, but just as u ollie, when u scrape ur front foot foward, just scrape ur front foot at a diagonal backward-left angle (backward-right if ur goofy). Thats step 1.

Try to get the board to flip fast. When doing this dont worry about landing it. U should just be working on the flip, getting it faster and in control. It's okay if at this point, right when you do the kickflip your backfoot is on the ground right away.

After awhile (a day or maybe a couple weeks) you should have the board to the point where u can do the kickflip, with ur back foot still on the ground, but land it with your front. here comes the harder part. Now as you do kickflips, try to actually jump with your body like an ollie. Predict where the board will be with practice. A major problem now is your front foot. Now that ur trying to not put ur back foot on the ground, your front foot might get tangled in the board. Work on just flicking it out and getting back on in a loopy kind of motion. Its tough, but practice makes perfect.

Now you should be Jumping as you kickflip. Trying to stay above the board, and keeping your backfoot off the ground. back to the grass The thing about the grass is. your board cant get away from you, plus if u land at an angle it wont slip from under you. So do kickflips here a lot. Maybe youll land a few. After u land them 1 out of 10 i guess. Try them standing still on your driveway. and after that your off. Try them moving. then work on getting them faster and higher. Well if youve read all this i hope it pays off.

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