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I just heard this message from a person from a message board

I am surfing the net with hope of getting help from other skaters. California is passing bills and laws which could lead to the banning of skateboarding and public skate parks. I would hate to see this happen because skatin is my life. Please help Click Here to go to site about the whole thing for more info and please email the GOV. w/ your opinions on this matter (the email, fax#'s are on the site above).

So i want everyone to go to this site and seriously fight the government. if we get lots of people to disagree we could really make a difference. and if we dont. maybe we'll end up totally hated in the world as we know it. well i hope u take this seriously. i emailed the governer this.

hey. im here to talk about this skate law. u need to consider people before u just state things. u see people getting hurt and automaticly think EVIL. so what if were getting hurt. were enjoying it. everone thinks skateboarding is about destroying. well most skaters like me are in it for fun. its about getting better. and haveing fun. all sports have risks. were not just jumping down stairs to look cool. its a physical challenge and takes our confidence, endurance, and stregnth to a new level. its about accomplishment. let us do what we want. ur letting buddists have local temples, ur letting reggae people smoke weed legally. y cant u just leave us in peace. please take this seriously and think before u act. thanx kory

Thanx ALli for bringing this up.