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Flip: Sorry

This video was pretty cool. the team is this:
Geoff Rowley, Bastien Salabanzi, Arto Saari, Mark Appleyard, Rune Glifberg, Ali Boulala, Tom Penny, Alex Chalmers, i think thats it.

Geoff Rowley's part was sick. He did tons of huge stair gap ollies, FS 270 lipslides, and other things. His best trick was a nollieflip, only with a hippiejump over a handrail. so his board flipped below the rail while he hovered above the rail then landed. He did his famous commercial FS flip over the river for Vans. he did BS 360s down stairs. He did tons of Rowley Darkslides, even ones down a huge double handrail.

I had never even heard of Bastien Salabanzi before but his part i think was my favorite. He did so much stuff i love to see thats tech, and original. such as a BSTS shuvit out but a guy riding beside him did the shuvit for him with his hand. um, trying to remember what else. he did drop-in 50-50's, rowley darkslides. and other crap

Oh man Arto, u gotta stop smoking. Mike had told me earlier about this. Arto Sarri almost died twice in the movie. Mike said it was because of his smoking so much. I dont know the movie didnt say. but it showed him, he did a feeble down like a 12 step then fell, threw up and passed out on his own throwup. He was taken to the hospital and everything. but his skating was typical Arto. He did more switch stuff then regular. like tons of switch grinds down handrails and ledges. um yea just typical Arto.

I cant remember too much about Mark Appelyard's part. i just remember him racking himself on a 50-50 bail.

I dont normall like vert unless its fliptricks without grabs. but Glifberg did some sick crap like an alleyoup BS 720 across a channel gap to fakie. that and his switch treflip to fakie were his best tricks. He did really tweaked out 540's and tons of switchflip to fakies.

I dont remember anything about Ali Boulala's part except he's black, and is the Europe Champion or something.

As for Tom Penny. I was so looking forward to his part. As his part came up everyone started cheering. Tom Penny is a guy that dosent skate comps and dosent really like publicity. but he's an awsome skater. his part in menikmati was sick. but i dont know why but his part couldnt have been more than a minute long. it looked like he set up a camera on a tripod and filmed himself on a miniramp. He only skated the miniramp. he did kickflip to fakie and a FS flip. thats it, then as a finaly he does his signiture FS flip ghetto bird. thats it. i was dissapointed with Penny's part.

Alex Chalmers's part was maybe the best. they call him a concrete king. and he is. he rules concrete. he did tons of bigspin flip variation to stalls. like BS bigspinflip with an extra body varial to blunt to fakie. and just awsome bowl tricks. He did sick 540's in and out of the bowl. Im pretty sure he did a fakie 720 out of the bowl but i could be wrong. ive never seen a 720 not on a vert ramp. even 540's except Chet Thomas in Rodney mullen round 2 and Globe: Opinion. He did a 360 kickflip mute out of the bowl. and it shows him attempting that and bails and does like a 900 with his body sideways and lands on his side. I never knew a Canadian could skate so good.

Well this video was awsome. if Tom Penny would have had a real Tom Penny part i would have given this video 10 out of 10 stars. but since it sucked i gave this movie 9 out of 10 stars.