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Well if anyone hasn't followed, in 8 comics 4 main characters have been introduced(+1 supporting character), i've changed styles 4-5 times, a plot twist for later is set up, and we had the first character conflict.huhuhuh, time to breathe. I wanna get on keenspace, but they still aren't taking applications! CRAP, I hate angelfire! And I'm sure you just love those three pop-ups everytime you com here! I can't get the gallery working, because 1/4 of my websapce is almost used up, sooooo, not good.
Good news for me, I might get on a Space Empires website building project at Well this is the last 2/3 weeks of school! WHOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh wait, then I won't have any reason to miss a comic! Actually, I will. Going to NY, NY soon that should be fun, might get to check out a sony/panasonic expo. And of cource I have to visit ground 0.
I'll be sure to draw while I'm there, but probably not a whole comic, cause, packed intinerary, and jet lag. For those 5 or so people who care. I like mocking my self, it takes away some of the pain. I say all this in anticipation of Vicade's taunting.
Now, some of you may be wondering why the "Demolition Friends" still isn't up. Well Vicade is doing the comics, but he want's to complete 10 before he launches his site. Now, that assumes his site ever gets built, he can't even do HTML yet, and he hasnn't accepeted any of the help he's been offered. So it'll be awhile.
I like this comic, I think it turned out very well, the last one seemed kind of "squat" as in short and tiny. Also, it didn't flow very well. I MIGHT skip the next comic and do a color render of a picture. I still haven't go the story paved out for the next 5-10 comics.
I'm finding it difficult to keep a pace, I want to make the comics good, but with only 1/week it goes at a snails pace, and I want to see the finished product, so if I start cramming too much into the episodes, someone tell me. or for that matter any input would be great.
One last thought, I'm gonna say this again, IN THESE RANTS I SPELL HOWEVER THE HELL I CHOSE!