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I know this one is a little awkward, because of the lack of dialogue. Hopefully, that'll change soon, we'll see. My advice is to read it slowly from top to bottom and notice everything, readit at a medium beat.
NOW, if there is anyone reading this, how am I going to excuse missing 1 month worth of comics? Hmmm, BECAUSE I DID! I hope it won't happen again and I regret it. I won't stew over it.
So, a new and even junkier drawing, or is it more appealing, GOD I wish I had some input, oh well, must be patient, must be patient. I can probably draw two of these a week, they don't take long, and I'm starting o enjoy pencil and paper more than computer. Or I can continue with the color, but I can't do one a week. It takes 3 hours to do the dialogue, including revisions, because this is the first long-term story I've ever worked on. It takes a further 2-3 hours to get the drawing right, on a good day, 4-6 on a bad week. And If I color it, a further 6-8 hours! Some may not think so, but I have a very busy schedule. So these are my options:
1. 1-2 comics a week in pencil
2. 1 comic every two weeks in color
I just god a hold of my newest game, Space Empires 4 Gold. Let's put it this way, I'm addicted. On Tursday I came home and played for 2 hours, then I go to a friends house for 2 hours. I come home and play for 4 more hours before I go to sleep. Friday I come home late from school and play straight for 8 hours till I can't concentrate anymore, sleep. Saturday, wake up at 6 and play until 1:00am(yes, the next day), only with occasional brakes for food, piss, and chores. Next day I wake up at 10 and play for an hour, I get dragged to a photo shoot, and then church. Come hoe and play for another 8 hours, before doing this update and going to bed. If my body would take it, I'd play every hour of my life. But sadly for the games sake I must sleep, otherwise I make poor command decissions:(
^_^ yeah, a little addicted.
o_0! BUT IT'S SO COOL! I just got into fighter, organic and temporal technology, I haven't lost a single battle since!, o_), heh, 0_o, heh, o_^, heh, 0_0 HOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!
^_^ yeah, a little addicted.