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Leth: AH YES! I discovered a wonderfull new tool in photoshop called paths, PATHS RULE, it's like painting, but it does it along the outline of a shape that I can edit however I choose! I must say, this tool rules. As for the above errors in spelling and what not, I apologize, these will be resolved very son, my humblest and most sincere(asif spelling really matters)apologies. I think my technique has imprved, also the drawings have gotten much easier and take up less time, so I can focus on the computer editing a little.
A matter that WILL come up is how to say ARELI, it's (ah-re-lie).
As foe the giant rant down the middle of the page, I'm not gonna draw all the frickin frames for that. I put it in there because Shin and Areli agreed it was the best choice. I'm just the artist so I trust their judgement. I don't like the lack of pictures, but what a waste of time to draw pictures for everything he says. SO, why did we choose that as an introduction to Areli's character? Well, all the characters are based loosly off of people in real life, and Areli is no exception, Ted actually wrote just about all the dialogue for this comic, and this is what he wanted to say, so there you have it. Well, I'll either go watch Inu Yasha or sleep, saionara, compadres.