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I am proud of my improvements with the drawing aspect, so it's just a matter of nailing the computer aspect and giving the characters some more consistency. I don't pay attention to the finer points very well(another reason shin helps me). By the way, I seem to have gotten some of my friends mildly mad at me. I pulled something I really sshouldn't have. I said "it's my comic". Aparently I got the pompus idea I could do this thing on my own. I wish to make it known right now that I need all of my friends to accomplish this, they have already made vast contributions to every episode(another reason I feel bad about the poor graphics). I appreciate all their support and assistance. But talk is cheap, and I'll try never to pull something like that again.
Now then, I have some news.
The site will probably be moving to anew host called bravenet. I got a better deal there and they might be getting PHP support soon(Making my job a hell of alot easier)! So, if you try to acess my angelfire accout and come up with a page with a redirect link, please don't hesitate to click on it! I assume they'll remove my account eventually without a real site up.
With all the support I've been getting from my friends, there is just one problem! I'm not getting any visitor input! I know I'm new and probably almost no one has been here, but all comments are appreciated very much! My e-mail and areli's is on the acnowlegments(< Before I put FPSR up, Vicade was riding me about my spelling, and I realized he was right, so heres what I decided: I will put forth all possible effort in making the comics spelled right, but in the news column, I can be myself and spell however the hell I want. There, that's settled.
I love RTSs and I'm about to head off and play Homeworld: Cataclysm(hmm, that comonly searched game should get me some hits) and Emperor: Battle for Dune.
Tata ladies.