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Hello, no news tonight, my brain's empty. gomen dareka(sorry anyone). Ted has a sketch in the sketch book section, go check it out.
Hello, Shin here. I just got this completely random and sudden urge to rant about stuff. Ahem, for all you unenlightened people out there, if you haven't tried DDR(Dance Dance Revolution for the ignorant one) then you should be ashamed of yourself! "Oh, but people look so stupid up there on the dance pad! They look like imbeciles!" I thought the same thing a few weeks ago, and once I started playing for a little bit, I couldn't stop. Now I periodically go out and spend like $5 at least on local DDR machines every few days. I am getting much better now, and can probably move up to Maniac(really freakin' hard mode) with a few more practice sessions. Another thing, on the topic of my hatred of PCs. It's not that PCs are all that bad, it's just that they crash every freakin' day, and the very irritable "blue screen of death" and "This computer has performed an Illegal Operation" (God, I hate that) messages continue to piss me off frequently. Plus, it never ceases to be funny when I can diss on Bill Gates and his crappy horde of assembly line PCs continuing to hold back the human race from achieving perfection. Ehehe, back to the topic of games, my list of console games that all people should at least try are as follows:

1. DDR (very original game, addicting, and gives you a very accomplished feeling when you can ace any song on Maniac)
2. Halo (overhyped game, but still fun multiplayer, if you can get 4 people at least)
3. Metroid Prime (best graphics I have yet to see on a console, beats the hell out of Halo's)
4. Shinobi (I have yet to play this game, but looks freakin' cool)
5. Super Smash Bros. Melee (best fighting engine ever made, plus the 4 players on screen at once is the coolest thing ever. Awaiting Smash Bros. 3...)
6. Soul Calibur ll (I'm importing it in a few more weeks...)
7. Dead or Alive 3 (my all-time favorite "old-school" fighting game)
8. Hunter: The Reckoning (mindless, but addicting zombie slaughterfest)

Can't think of any more at the moment.

This concludes my rant. Hopefully this has opened some new perspectives on games for all you people out there. Until next time, Ittekimasu.