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Why hello. I am Lethargio. Once again I stayed up late finishing the comic, but I like the result. Definitely an improvement! For all you PC users out there, don't worry, this will not be a Mac vs. PC comic. Shin however feels very strong about this and we both though it would be a good thing for the first half of his intro. Turn on next week for the fate of Leth's AWCC! There will be something so astoundingly cheap that you will proably sulk, but I like it, so deal with it! I hope Areli can start taking some space here because I'm not much of newsy. Not that he is either, but at least he can make a page look VERY impressive:) or VERY stupid if you actually take the time to read what he says>:|. Oh, Shin it's your turn to pick the music selection, so have fun, I dread Areli's turn. I think I've decided where to put a female character in here, but I no idea how I'm going to do her dialogue. I NEED HELP! Anyone who thinks this comic shows promise and would like to do her dialogue, please E-mail me, or even if you just have any vague ideas! As always all input is appreciated.