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Well, I actually have a good reason for missing 2 comics! I was in New York! From Friday the sixth till Monday the 16 I was away. I wanted to do something, so there's the picture. I'm not gonna say anything about my trip, because I'm gonna describe the highlights in comics. There are only a couple really big probelms with it.
1. The tree roots shouldn't even be there(and they look fake on top of it), it's an elevated side walk.
2. The grooves in the bench are hard to pick out.
3. All the background textures were from pictures on google's search engine.
-If anyone recognizes these pictures and wants me to get rid of them, or show their name(preferable), that's fine with me, just say so.

BY THE WAY!!!!!!!
COPYRIGHTS - The people who contribute to this comic are listed on the acknowledgements page. They each have a screen name. At the bottom of the comic, all the people who contributed to a comic are listed there by screen name.
So don't rip of our work.
I understand why rips, KaZaa, EMule, etcetra are useful for low-income people, but Ripping off our pictures won't do anyone good, just us bad.
If I'm wrong inform me and I'll think about what you say. I'll have another comic up tomorrow or Monday(trying to make up for lost time), It'll be...