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Registered name: Honey Dancer's Image
Call names/nick names: Sam, Sammy, Sufi, Samson, Sam Malone, Samuel, Fart boy, Chunky, Brat
Name meaning: Samson- Bright as the sun; Samuel- God has heard.
Breed: Appendix Quarter Horse
Birthday: 5 May, 1994 (Cinco De Mayo)
Birthplace: Lanark, Illinois
Color: Sorrel chestnut
Markings: Star, strip and, snip (all connected) & 2 hind stockings. He looks just like Big Ben
Height: 15.2hh
Bit: Smooth loose ring snaffle
Saddle Pad: A cool leopard print one. (He's the perfect shade of chestnut for it!)
Favorite treats: Anything! *lol* Carrots, apples, lettuce, watermelon, grapes, banana chips, anything sour, strawberry furitopia.... Sam's like a dog, if you're eating it, he wants it!
Diet: 4 flakes of Orchard hay, 4 pounds of Life Design Compete 10%, and 2 quarts of Farr Legacy }Daily
Past: Basic western training, school horse in the making.
Present: Greatest pleasure horse! Part-time lawn mower.
Future: Possibly my show hunter (equitation), maybe a show horse for Eric, my farm mascot. :)
Songs that remind me of Sam: Honey (by: Mariah Carey) My everything (by: 98 degrees), You're still the One (by: Shania)