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Sam Loves....

  • anything edible (even some things that aren't!)
  • grain
  • any kind of treats!
  • playing the rain
  • any kind of toy Leo is interested in at the moment
  • chasing dogs and cats out of "his" area
  • Begging for food! *lol*
  • digging holes to China!!
  • feeding times
  • Bossing Leo around
  • untying knots
  • opening gates
  • throwing shoes
  • days off
  • fresh, long grass
  • people with food in their pockets
  • Trying to sneek in the feed room even though he KNOWS he's not allowed in there!

    Sam Hates....

  • Minis (*lol*!)
  • hot weather
  • Anything that requires touching his mouth
  • double riding
  • bareback pads
  • jolly balls
  • stuffed horses that "neigh" when you squeeze it
  • hair cuts
  • Leo mounting him (*LOL*!!)
  • goats