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My Other Links!
They have great prices on books and stuff. Yay!

Everything on the different star signs and such.

Dream Anaylsis
Find out what your dreams mean. Hopefully, you don't have those totally off the wall ones, like I do!

Some history on ancient Egpyt. Very interesting.

The art of hand-writing anaylsis.

The first woman Pharo. I guess she started the women's lib movement. *lol*

This is mostly about Greek Mythology, which I prefer over Roman but they are basically the same


Pro-Choice Connection
I'm Pro-Choice and pround of it! A women should have the right to choose.

Pro-Death Penalty
I'm sorry, but someone who kills someone else doesn't deserve to live.(unless it's self-defence!!)

Search Cactus
Get paid to search!!

Shania Twain
I just love Shania! She has the most kickin' concerts too!

There's NO excuse not to!!

I've been a vegetarian for well over 10 years and it's something I feel VERY strongly about

Whales & Friends
This place has some really cool stuff. Makes great gifts!