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Marc de Zoete, Boskoop (Holland) send me some pictures of his '74 XLH Ironhead Sportster. He bought the bike but he wasn't satisfied with the look of the stock sportster. Also the bike runned not very well. He desided to restore the engine and to modify the bike to a bobber. Marc mounted a softtail tank (fatbob) and ik looked already better. He also want to mount wide glide triple trees. Here are some pictures of the XLH project.



Hello Floris,

My HD is finally at the road. I already rode the first kilometres, and some things still seems not really allright. The front-breaks are not working properly because the mountings system is not OK. Also I like to have forward controlls because the wide fatbobtank gives probles with changing gear. 

Greatings, Marc. 

This is a great example what can be done with a sportster, without changing the frame... This thing looks like a bigtwin Harley!




  (24-06-03) Mark gathered the parts and started building up the bike. Here you see that the restored engine is mounted in the frame. The FL-springs looks very great! He mounted a HD K-model springed seat, just for the classic bobber look. 


The parts are put together and you see the bike as it will look like when its finished! Mark want to shorthen the forks a bit for a lower profile. I am very curious at the paintjob, a paintjob will always have effect at the looks of the bike. I think it will become a great classic bigtwin HD-alike Ironhead with a little bobber-touches. Fantastic!




(24-03-03) Here are pictures of how the fatbobtank is mounted. As you see, the mountingstrips on the top are removed an new are welded in the middle of the tank. This way there is eventually place for a flat dashover instead of the original Harley dashcovers. 





(16-02-03) Marc mounted a FL rearfender and FL springs. This is really different from stock! The bike looks much fatter than the stock version of a Ironhead!

From the first picture Marc made a drawing on the computer. You can see how the bike will look like in the future, a fat big sportster with classic look!





(22-01-03) The engine of this '74 ironhead sportster is restorated. 


Marc bought a big softtail fatbob tank. With this tank the sportster gets a bobber look.



(beginning 2003) Marc Bought this bike. He was not very satisfied with the look of the original ironhead sportster. Marc looked around and was inspired by fat harleys in '50 bobberstyle. When he saw pictures of modified sportsters in this style, he desided to modify his own bike in a Ironhead Fatster!