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Perth Pewter

Please forgive the quality of the pictures. The shots really do not give justice to the pieces!!! Since the pieces did not come out as clear as I would really like, i will do my best to describe each piece!

This piece is of a Knight and a Wizard battling. The Wizard has what looks like a Crystal ball coming out of his hand, and a Staff in the other with a Crystal at the top. On the Crystal ball that is coming out of the Wizards hand it has numerous little jewels on it. There is a Green Egg that is what they may be battling over on the base, that is removable. The base is made of wood. On the back of the Wizard is the engraved name of Ray Lamb made in 1987.

This piece is of a Wizard, that seems to be standing on a Spell book. He's gazing into a Crystal ball that he is holding. On the back of the book is the engraving Ray Lamb 1986, #FA59

This piece is of a Winged Dragon. He has numerous jewels on his sides, and is holding a Crystal ball.

two pieces i consider go together. One is of a Wizard pirched on top of a scroll. Hes holding a Crystal ball in his hand. The other is of a Winged Dragon pirched on top of a scroll and he too is holding a Crystal ball in his hand. On the back of BOTH of the pieces isRay lambs engraving. On the back of the Wizard one is engraved, 1991, #AC74, and on the back of the Dragon it is engraved, 1991, #AC80.

This Piece is the Ice Wizard. This is a gorgeous piece. It comes with the Certificate of Authenticity. He has many Crystal jewels on him. On the top of his head is a Crystal stone and many more coming from the bottom of this piece. Hes holding a crystal ball in his hand while raising the other in the air. This is a Limited Edition. It has engraved on the backside of the piece "Ice Wizard by James Lane Casey, 1964/2500, 1987, #LE 17.

This piece is of a Wizard with an owl on his shoulder. He has a book on one hand and a crystal ball in the other. He has a blue jewel on the hat he wears. Ray Lambs engraving is on the back of his robe.

This piece is of a Knight on a horse holding what looks like a spear. The horse and Knight are on top of Purple rock type formation. On the Knights Shield that hes holding there is a Purple Jewel. Also on the armor that the horse is wearing near his neck a purple Jewel is in position.

This is On top of the same purple rock material as the one above. This is of a Wizard whom is holding a book in one hand with what looks like a Dragon coming out of the book. His other hand is up in the air with a Crystal ball in it. He has numerous jewels on the front of his robe.

This is a sword/dagger that has a wavey blade. There is a cobra head at the top holding a crystal ball in his mouth and his body is wrapped around the handle of the sword/dagger. There are purple and teal jewels on this piece in the middle of the sword/dagger. The snake as green jewels for its eyes. Spectacular piece.

This piece is of a Battle Axe. At the top of the Axe is a Crystal ball. On the blade and tip is little blue jewels. Great detail on the handle.

This piece is actually two pieces. The sword comes out of the rock. The Sword has green jewels and crystal jewels on the handle. Ray Lamb is engraved on the bottle of the rock,and also 1986 is too.

(This is one of the worst pictures on here)
This piece is small castle. The reason it came out so bad is that it has 3 crystal balls on top of it that made the picture glare!! Great little piece from Perth though. It is engraved by Ray Lambs, also has #AC30 .

This piece is a Wizard, holding a Crystal ball (the ball is a smokey color) in the air. He has Jewels on his robe and a book in the other hand. there is also a Round crystal at the base.

This piece is actually a gorgeous piece because of the colors that are incorporated into it.. Its a dragon with purple wings on a clear round piece.

This is a Stein. It has a Castle on top of the Lid. With a Crystal on the top of the Castle. and Jewels circling the caste. Underneath the lid the name Ron (unable to make out the last name, begins with an S) and 1991 is there.

This piece is of a Skeleton Warrior holding a Sword. It has red jewels for eyes,

This one is a unlike the other pieces. It is a little gnome or elf. He's holding a pipe, and very jolly looking. Made in 1978.

This is another colorful piece. This one is colorful because of the Jewels that adorn it. It's a castle, with numerous jewels. On the front of the castle it says "Excalibur". The numbers 4091 is engraved on back.

This piece is of a woman part serpant with wings. Shes holding a Crystal ball in the air and has a larger crystal ball on the base. She has numerous colored jewels around the base. On the bottom it is engraved with the name Greg. No last name on here. Number E410 also.

This piece is another Wizard. He looks as if he's shooting a Crystal ball out of his hand, while the other hand is holding a staff. He has jewels around the Crystal ball in his hand. Ray Lamb is inscribed into the base, made in 1987.

This piece also didnt come out very well, but it is a dragon holding a crystal ball. The little guy has wings and the most adorable face on him. Was made back in 1987.

This one is a dragon/serpant wrapped around a crystal. In the creatures mouth he has a lavendar crystal ball..

theres about 6 more pieces that are smaller ones, that are of wizards and ect. If you'd like to see the remaining I would have no problem emailing you them.