Making the Walls Transparent
Blessings and Challenges

Kay Lee

MTWT Products

Scorpion's Amore has been very kind.  They created a logo for MTWT.  Then they put the logo
on a number of really nice products.  They have pledged to donate all profits from the sales
of MTWT products to the project. Prices are a bit high, but so is the Quality. 
And your purchases will help everyone that MTWT touches.


The vision of MTWT came from a spiritual source. With the vision came the knowledge that this project would run on Gifts of Love - I should not apply for grants and I must not charge for anything. I have honored the vision. And the spirit has always moved the project forward.

So, this page is in no way a request for anything.  If you ask me what I need, I'll tell you,"Prayers!"  In fact, I used to turn down help, thinking this was between me and the spirit - until I understood the lesson that went like this: "How do you feel when you are able to help someone?" Why, I feel wonderful. "Then why would you deny others this feeling? Love is the fuel for the mission, and gifts received for MTWT represent that Love."

I no longer turn down any gifts for the project. If I don't let others know of my needs, I am cheating them out of an opportunity to enjoy the same good karma and promotion of Love that I so treasure. I was making the job of the spirit harder.

With that in mind, I have created this page. This project is God's and it is His Love that keeps it going. I have been limping along without funding and with a minimum of gifts, so if you see a value in what is happening here and feel moved to assist, I humbly accept anything that will further the work and understand the Love of God comes through you. Below is the dream list for MTWT.




"Open Letter" Mailings

A mailing should be done every four months.

Since my prisoner list has gone over 2000, I have only been able to do 1 mailing per year.

Last year (2004) I had no help and for the first time, was unable to complete the Christmas Mailing.

Needs for each mailing are 2000 stamps, 2000 envelopes, 2000 copies of the Open Letters  

As I hand address each envelope, a rubber stamp with my return address would be a great blessing.


Stamps for ongoing correspondence

Daily correspondence requires about 300 stamps per month.


Approx 100 stamps per month are donated (mostly by my daughters) for MTWT's daily correspondence.


6 reams


My daughter brought 4 reams of paper last time she visited.  Thank you Darby.

*Copy Costs

Monthly reproductions average $40.

I get copies made at Kinkos whenever possible.

I normally spend $35-$40 for each 500 double-sided copies for an open letter mailing. Need 2000 copies per mailing

(no copier available)


Ongoing need for normal office supplies.


At this time is 0

*Phone Needs

Approx 60 calls to prisons/families/resources plus internet access of approx. $15 per month for my share of the service for the computer I currently have access to.

NOTE: JUNE 2005: One of my hosts used to work at AT&T before his head injury and subsequent retirement. Therefore, my phone calls from home are free at this time. Thank you Jess.

A definite benefit would be phone cards for use on the road. 

Business Cards

Currently have no business cards. Could use 100 per month.

NOTE: June 2005 - my hosts can now print my business cards. They pay #25 for enough card stock to make 750 business cards. The only other cost is the ink for their lazer printer.


Buy at dollar store, $1 per pack, Approx 10 packs of 30 each per month


For Christmas one of my daughters usually gives me a couple of months supply of envelopes.  Thank you Kelsie.


Free at this time but MTWT has been taken down 3 times due to prison employees complaining to Lycos that I was posting pornography.  After a struggle, I was able to get the site back up all 3 times, but free accounts do not give warnings and normally it is nearly impossible to get the site back.

In an ideal situation, I would upgrade my free angelfire website to a paid angelfire account which is $10 for the basic upgrade, $4.95 per month, and another $4.95 for an extra 50 mg of space.

Paid angelfire accounts have to give warning before removing the site.


Gift of large monitor was wonderful for my old eyes, (Thank you Dr. Korn) but in September, my computer's motherboard burnt up and I currently have no computer of my own. NOTE: June 2005: One of my hosts has built a computer for me, so this problem has been resolved. Thank you, Thor.


I have no working printer at this time. My hosts are kind enough to print for me, but I am reluctant to ask for as much material as I need.

NOTE: My Atlanta hosts use a Konica Minolta Majicolor 2400W Lazer printer. The printer takes 4 cartridges @ $70 each (Total $280) and last a very long time. A refill kit for the printer is $130.
A 4-in-1 would solve the combined problems of printing, scanning, copying, and faxing.


I average a trip every month or two to speak at various functions.  I am without a vehicle and of course without funding.  The next trip I need to make is to Washington DC on August 11th 2005.  That will be the Prison Reform March [details at ]

I will either need help in the form of a grayhound bus ticket, or gas, food and lodging for me and a driver for the 11th, 12th, and 13th.



** **

Risk is high for people involved with this project and constant contact must be maintained with the inmates and the prisons. I should do an open letter at least every four months.  Each mailing consists of 2000 inmates (at this time), plus approximately 500 to 700 or so family members, groups, and ministries, and another approx. 200 answers to direct responses throughout the month.

However, due to the overwhelming snowball effect of this project, my dream budget over the next year would be for provisions for at least 3000 per mailing. The inmates are sending approximately 40 stamps per month, although I just received a gift of 100 stamps because of an inmate's friends.  My children give me stamps for Christmas, birthday etc, because that is what I need and ask for. Unexpected donations of stamps are approximately 50 to 100 per month.  Occasional, unexpected and wonderful gifts have allowed me to do the minimum of one mailing this year and last at Christmas.  Any additional help can only improve my output.

*I have no database. I do not see how anyone could help me with this need unless they lived close enough to come over and donate time. Therefore my prisoners are filed in folders with an index card made out to do the mailings from.

If I had a part time person to help me keep files up to date and make address changes and address postcards and envelopes for open mailings, it would be a great blessing indeed.

Paper and printing for mailings, flyers, and keeping copies of items I send often, such as the DOC Internet Response, introductory letter, list of resources, etc. make the work load and response time more ideal. Usually a minimum of 6 reams of paper per month is necessary.

*Replacements for equipment would include Toner Cartridge or ink cartridges, depending on equipment.

Office Supplies include pens, index cards, folders, labels, and dividers for organizational purposes.
Copies of Flyer, open letters, and to cover individual prisoner requests.

Equipment Supplies needed include computer, scanner, printer, a FrontPage program disk, etc.

*Phone Calls include those to Wardens, prisoner family members, Tallahassee, legislators, etc. Right now my host's home line is absorbing the cost, so I am not making nor returning urgent and necessary calls. Phone cards would be a blessing.

I also share a computer and internet connection with three other people. I want to acknowledge the support of my family here.

For safety, I must carry a video camera when vigiling unfriendly prisons. At this time, I can occasionally borrow one, but most times it is not available. Officials are more cordial when I have a camera trained on them and they tend to follow the letter of the law knowing they are being recorded.  Also, a camcorder would be helpful in making a training tape for others who want to vigil.

At Starke, someone has allowed me to sleep occationally in their renovated bus. I know many around the state who will let me sleep overnight, but some of the prisons are very remote. I may need an occasional motel room in other parts of the state as part of a monthly budget. A discount or gift certificates would be helpful. But less expensive would be "*safe houses" to rest in.

I am not currently in Florida but would like to vigil in FLorida at least two times per year until my return. Cost would include travel and accomodations, but I'm 'cheap to keep". A gas card, frequent flyer miles or gift certificates would be helpful.

A mobile phone and laptop computer would keep me working as I travel. The phone is a safety item. A phone card would be helpful.

*Safehouses are kind people offering a couch to sleep on or a meal in their home. We are developing chains of them. More host homes near the prisons would be helpful.

Relief drivers for a vigil, a day or a weekend would be very helpful.

I get calls from DOC staff and ex-employees.  A tape recording of the calls would be a big help in transcribing correct notes later. Therefore, a tape recorder capable of picking up a phone conversation would be a wonderful asset.

A large banner reading MAKING THE WALLS TRANSPARENT with the MTWT website would allow the public to find me when they need me.

Kay Lee and the Mitsubishi


[The following information is Obsolete - I did have a cell and truck but someone else absorbed them. The cell is now just a memory and a dream.]

The Moving Cell

The Moving Cell was absorbed by FL CAN when I left Ms. James home, but I would like one similar to carry out the vigils and demonstrations in.

*Someone had graciously donated a Mitsubishi truck which the Fletcher Street Misfits made into a flatbed carrying a moving prison cell, but the title went into Ms. James name and I do not have access to the cell nor truck any longer. I had planned to do at least a vigil per month (preferrably two) in the state of Florida, driving the cell to the most troublesome prisons.  I believe visuals drive the message home and encourage questions and debate among the public.

I would like to laminate posters to protect them from the rain. I can make my own, and kinko's charges about $10 per poster to coat them.  Kinko's also charges only $10 to take my design and make it very large, so my signs are easily visible.

Office Depot has a stand alone easel for easy and convenient displaying of a large sign. It costs $150, is durable and portable.

A Still or Digital Camera would be useful for sharing the recorded event with others.


Subscriptions to magazines or newspapers


Pen Pals

Crossword puzzles (and following day's solution)

***Post Cards, birthday cards, and holiday greeting cards

***One of the items that would save the most in worry, time, postage and work would be postcards.

The most urgent thing is to stay in touch with the prisoners, keep the connection. Their main concern is always, "Did you get my letter?" Right now, I have to begin with a blank piece of paper that I feel I must fill. I have no printer and with arthritis in my hands, handwriting letters is a more difficult chore than it should be. Then I must put my letter in an envelope with a 37cent stamp on it.

If I had postcards, even simple unadorned ones, I could write, "Got your mail" and stick it in the mailbox for what? 25 cents?

My real dream is preprinted postcards with these features: Color, because they have none in their lives; A picture of myself, because they constantly ask for one; the message, "But they forgot, God Loves the Prisoner too!"; and a preprinted return address. Since I'm dreaming, prestamped would be great, but that's perfection.


A bullhorn costs under $100 and is very useful in first amendment situations.

To travel from prison to prison drawing attention to abuse.


The Moving Cell Named "PEACE" At Work in Florida and Texas.

CELLING OUR YOUTH demonstrated by Josh and Justus...Photo by Jodi JamesFOR THE PEOPLE OF TULIA TEXAS


My vision was to paint the little truck named "Peace" and have it haul a cell, preferably a pastel color that would allow messages to be clearly visible. The one I had was a small truck so I could paint (and drive it) myself with several gallons of automotive paint and something to apply it with. I really wanted it to be classy.

The cell would need a non-working stainless steel toilet or stand alone sink (used is good), which will also serve as holder for flyers (The real Prison Poop, so to speak).

I want it to be as authentic as possible, so a metal bunk can double as a table or a place to sit. 

The cell should have a wheelchair mount for medical issues. I already have the wheelchair and a scooter we can use.

The cell would need a roof for long stands in the sun and for vigils that turn rainy, but haven't figured out whether to make it from canvas or a solid material.

I would like to wrap the lower half of the cell in (maybe razor wire or maybe just chicken wire) so that I can quickly and neatly clip posters to the wire for display.

I would like a personalized tag reading,  "PEACE"  but this is a totally unnecessary luxury.

If you feel compelled or have the ability to help with any of these needs,
Contact me, Kay Lee at 404-212-0690 or write:

2683 Rockcliff Road Southeast
Atlanta Georgia 30316

I prefer not to handle money which has to be taxed by the government.  Therefore, all monitary donations needing tax credit should be sent to W.O.N.P.R. a 501(c)3 group that will set aside the donations for 'in kind' use of MTWT. In other words, W.O.N.P.R. will purchase supplies MTWT needs to continue the work. If you want your cash donations to go for a specific purpose, just put "MTWT Travel" or whatever you chose on the check, money order or envelope. Thank you for caring. Kay Lee

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