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The following info results from a quick google search on KKK, Florida.  There's so much more out there to prove the Klan is strong in this state, but I don't have any more time to squander on prejudice. I just wanted you to realize, when some of our guards are reported as having ties with the KKK, it is real probable it's the truth. The KKK has infiltrated public offices and spread around the world. With the kind of hatred of minorities that drives them, why wouldn't they infiltrate the Florida prisons which are overflowing with minority prisoners?  Kay Lee

Or is it?

 KKK Florida Patch
Florida KKK Realm patch

Portions of The Klan in Florida

Although the state of Florida has promoted its image as a tourist paradise for more than a hundred years, the truth is that the state has also been a Ku Klux Klan stronghold throughout much of the 20th century...

The Modern Klan

...During the Depression, the Klan continued to wither away -- except in Florida, which had an estimated 30,000 members. Jacksonville, Miami, Orlando, and Tampa were the most powerful klaverns.

Although Florida Klansmen continued to terrorize African Americans, they expanded their targets to include union organizers, particularly in the citrus belt from Orlando to Tampa. One of the most notorious Klan incidents in Florida history occurred in Tampa in 1937, when labor organizer Joseph Shoemaker was flogged, castrated, and tarred and feathered. Shoemaker eventually died from his injuries. Ironically, one of nine Klansmen indicted for the murder (although they were all freed) was Edward Spivey, from Orange County, who would later play a role in the 1978 re-investigation of Harry Moore's murder.

In 1939, Hiram Evans retired as imperial wizard and was replaced by James A. Colescott, who testified before Congress that Florida was the strongest realm in the nation. The national Klan was effectively put out of business in 1944, however, when the Internal Revenue Service filed a $685,000 lien against the Klan for back taxes from the 1920's. Colescott sold the Imperial Palace in Atlanta and retired to Miami.

The Post-War Revival

On election night of 1948, the Florida Klan paraded from Lake County to Wildwood, marching through several African American neighborhoods, to show support for Dixiecrat presidential candidate Strom Thurmond and attempt to intimidate black voters.

In January 1949, Klansmen held a motorcade through Tallahassee, where newly- inaugurated governor Fuller Warren, a former Klansmen himself, denounced them as "hooded hoodlums and sheeted jerks."

In Florida, a plumbing contractor named Bill Hendrix chartered the Southern Knights of the Ku Klux Klan and named himself as its head. The Klan's power grew quickly, particularly in Orange County, where its ranks included prominent lawmen, businessmen, and elected officials: Sheriff Dave Starr was a known Klansmen, as were a county commissioner and the city manager of Winter Park. Apopka and Winter Garden were particularly infested: Apopka's police chief, constable and night patrolman all belonged, as did one constable and the justice of the peace in Winter Garden. One businessman estimated that 75 percent of Apopka's male population belonged.

The "Florida Terror"

By 1951, however, the Florida Klan was at a crossroads. Harry T. Moore's Progressive Voters' League had registered 100,000 new black voters in the Democratic Party; NAACP branches were challenging Jim Crow ordinances over the use of public golf courses, swimming pools, and libraries; and the 1951 Florida Legislature passed an anti-mask ordinance by an overwhelming margin. The Klan responded with a rash of cross burnings and floggings from the Florida Panhandle to Miami... and then declared himself a candidate for governor. By the summer, the Klan began trying to roll back progress with sticks of 60 percent dynamite, with so many bombings, or attempted bombings, that the northern press dubbed it "The Florida Terror." The Moore bombing turned out to be the twelfth bombing of the year.

As the civil rights movement begin to grow in the 1960s, the Klan responded violently to the freedom rides, sit-ins and mass demonstrations. Florida remained a Klan stronghold, particularly in the Jacksonville area.

Florida Klan Today

During the 1970s and 80s, the Klan splintered into competing factions and its membership declined. That trend continued in the 1990s. Today, although its numbers are relatively small, Florida has one of the more active Klans, and its commitment to racial hatred and prejudice have not gone away.

From KKK Information from the 1st WWW BANNED MEDIA PAGE

2nd Edition. 16 August 1995


* "Florida Interklan Report" PO Box 530 McIntosh,   FL 32664
* Templar Knights        PO Box 7131   Port St.Lucie, FL 34985  phone: (407) 878-1111
* Tampa Knights          PO Box 1108   Valrico,          FL 33594
New Order Knights      PO Box 1023   De Land       FL 32721
Klay Kounty Klavern    PO Box 144    Grandin       FL 32138
United Klan of Confed. PO Box 1658   Interlachen   FL 32148
Realm Of Florida       PO Box 511    Melbourne,    FL 32902
Commonwealth Knights   PO Box 701    Christmas     FL 32709
Keystone Knights 2605 S. Univ.Dr.  Ste.181  Davie, FL 33328
Invisible Knights      PO Box 984    Kathleen      FL 33849
Bayou Knights          PO Box 3415   McDavid       FL 32568
Suwannee River Knights RT.2, Box 172-c Chiefland,  FL 32626
Knights of Lockhart    PO Box 607104 Orlando       FL 32860
Knights of the Forrest PO Box 5522   Ocala         FL 34478
Bedford Forrest Brig.  PO Box 4293   Gainsville    FL 32613
Knights of Apocalypse  PO Box 1108   Valrico       FL 33594
Confed.Ind't. Klansmen PO Box 282    Holder        FL 34445
Florida Knights        PO Box 188    Lake City     FL 32056

From: KKK (Ku Klux Klan) Information

KEYSTONE KNIGHTS OF THE KU KLUX KLAN - Based in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, with affiliates in Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Indiana, Georgia, New Jersey, Ohio, South Carolina and West Virginia.
KNIGHTS OF THE KU KLUX KLAN - During the early 1990s, this was the largest Klan group with branches in nearly 30 states. Still active in California,
Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Texas and Washington.
Port St. Lucie, Florida, with an affiliate in Kentucky.
Various other "independent" Klaus dot the American landscape, with many based in Alabama,
Florida, Indiana, North Carolina, Tennessee and Texas.

From: BlackEagle/BlackEagle Logistics & Procurement Branch, Data Support Section Results of Criminal Organizations Database Search: Ku Klux Klan

Source: FBI, DEA, BATF, Local Law Enforcement
Type: Hate-based terrorist organization
Scope: The KKK is truly an international organization with  independent cells throughout the world.
Leaders:  [Florida] J.D. Alder [#LL5785468] (Advisor to the Realm of Florida)
John B. Baumgardner [#LL5648212] (Realm of Florida)
Tom Turner [#LL5978623] (Florida WK-KKK),
Mike Eddington [#LL5898549] (Knights of the White Camellia of the KKK-Florida),

The original Ku Klux Klan targeted blacks and northern agents of Reconstruction. The revived Knights of the Ku Klux Klan in 1920 expanded its list of enemies in 1920 to include Roman Catholics, Jews, and, later in the 1930s, Communists as well.

KKK Announces Support of Chasco Fiesta Saturday, March 22, 2003

Florida AIM has asked for intervention and observation of the demonstration by outside federal authorities because of the volatile mix of outside law enforcement, and the presence of the KKK.

White supremacist Don Black, founder of the Florida-based Stormfront

From: White Revolution's List of Top 88 KKK Organizations

Southern White Knights
National Site for the Southern White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan

Southern White Knights Realm of Florida

We are a chartered realm with klaverns statewide, we are trying to save a dieing Race!  A True Christian Klan group preaching and teaching the gospel of Klankraft and The Holy Word of God. We are not a bunch of regulators, we are a fraternal order. This is a Sanctified, Chartered Klan preaching and teaching the Holy Word of God, and the gospel of Klankraft.

The National Knights of Florida
Sanctified Klan

ORION Knights or Florida
ORION Knights of the KKK,Realm of Florida. A traditional,Christian Identity based Klan.

Michael Newton. The Invisible Empire: The Ku Klux Klan in Florida. The Florida History and Culture Series. Gainesville: University Press of Florida. 2001. xiii+260 pages. Reviewed by Glenn Zuber for the Journal of Southern Religion






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