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This man, Allen W. Clark aka A.C.,  can certainly give parties.  Wait until you read about the famous Halloween party -- real guns, real ammo, brand new $750 saddles needed for Crosby and Clark's skit, during which an employee shot off some of his toes with blanks, the DUI wreck leaving the party -- the list goes on and on!  You wouldn't believe the stories behind his limo -- always followed by a DOC state truck which carries the liquor.  Clark IS the ENTIRE sports thing! 

Then there's the mandate -- only to get 100% participation and WIN -- that all employees WOULD donate to the Florida State Employees Charitable Campaign, a [supposedly] totally volunteer effort."


Hello Kay.
I know it's late but I just got this info and wanted to pass it on. Friday July 9th is A.C. Clarks birthday and to celebrate there is going to be a surprise party for him at the infamous Blue Wave Beach in front of his house.

Now this is where it gets good, because everyone at New River CI is expected or should I say required to be there and both the evening (4-12) and midnite (12-8) shifts are being covered by UCI. Under the direct orders of Colonel John Palmer.

Now take a deep breath. The officers have already been hand picked who are going to be working over there for these shifts; however when they arrive they are to enter the facility but not actually be on the roster. So when they arrive they are given a post to work but they are not to sign any paper work in their own name they are to sign in as the person who they are covering for. Colonel Palmer has let it be well known that this is to be kept a secret because if anyone finds out there could be some harsh repercussions.

So with all the rednecks from UCI working over there but not being held accountable for their actions it will definately be interesting. There is already a lot of people raising hell about having to go over there at all and then to tell them you really aren't there, you are a ghost so to speak.  UCI is well known for beating an inmate into submission and asking questions later and with the general line staff at UCI not being fans of A.C. Clark anyway, I look for there to be a major incident just for the sake of paybacks for them to have to go over there. Just thought you would like to know.

The Blue Wave Beach is the, for lack of a better term, code name for the athletic complex that was built in front of A.C. Clark's house on state grounds.

God Bless

Still Contructing - more information coming

AC Clark and Marcus Starling aka Marcus Hodges (AC Clark's bad boy)


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