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AC Clark and Marcus Starling aka Marcus Hodges (AC Clark's bad boy)

Before AC Clark was resigned under questionable circumstances(August 2005), no one commented on or questioned any of the material I was given about Mr. Clark. Since his bust however, everyone appears to be very reluctant to be connected with him in anyway. As I state often on this site, I always invite the other side of any story. My email, phone number and address are available to all in order to make this easy for the reader. Therefore, although most of the AC Clark information came from those who work with the man or who are related to people who work with him, if you'd like to dispute any of the information provided about him (or any other topic on MTWT), contact me and I will be happy to print your rebuttal.
Kay Lee
2683 Rockcliff Road Southeast
Atlanta Georgia 30316

"Your information on [AC Clark] expecially the recyclying part is oh so true.  Keep an eye on this bug!  He is dangerous and I am personally very scared of him.  He is like a Nazi.  He can rationilize what he does with no regard to human life or professional ethics.  Beware, he WILL not like you and he will retaliate. Not that that is to scare you, but he will hire his hackers to do whatever it takes to try and destroy you."  ~An officer who knows.

AC Clark in the Florida Department of Corrections
As told by FDOC Employees

AC CLARK, the ballplayer - Picture from Twin City News

"The riot of January 31, 2005 was at the east unit of Apalachee.  A.C. Clark's name is actually Allen W. -- guess the A.C. came about because he likes to be called 'ACE'. He's quite a character. You wouldn't believe the stories behind his limo -- always followed by a DOC state truck which carries the liquor.  Clark IS the ENTIRE sports thing!" ~An Officer

"I have been out of corrections for a while. I have been hearing rumors of steroid use, people stealing money and possible indictments of some people. I heard about some arrest for selling steroids and poaching on state property. Just wondering what is true and what is false." ~Another Officer

"AC Clark is a NASTY piece of work.  He is awful and should be in prison himself.  The Federal Government has an ongoing investigation on JUST HIM!!! But, Crosby made him Region I director!!??  Go Figure!!!  AC is under federal investigation for money laundering from the Employees Canteen/Employees Club, misuse of inmates for personal gain, Theft, Sexual misconduct of an official, and the list goes on a bit further.  BUT CROSBY made him REGION I DIRECTOR!  See, this agency is so corrupt and it is so out in the open that I cannot believe that Bush would be doing this.  You can't convince me that our Governor does not know about all of this.  I want Bush to FIRE Crosby, Clark, Carter and several other top officials just like he has with the FL Dept of Families.  We are working on that too." ~An Officer who knows better.

Monday, July 07, 2003 - "As a sort of update on what is going on at New River I thought I would let you know that A.C. Clark has been promoted to Warden at New River, yep, that's right, the same institution where he stole SO MUCH money from the employees."

Re: A C Clark Florida Department of Corrections

"Well, of course he can thank his relative [sic?], Sec. Crosby, for that promotion. That in itself is a bad thing, however, now the employees that testified against him when all of that went down are being "gotten rid of".  They came to work one day to find out they no longer had jobs.  Some of these were very good officers and they vary in rank from Sgt. to Capt.

"One did benefit from this "transfer" by getting a promotion. He was well liked by the officers and inmates and will be missed. I wonder how many other "good" officers will be kicked and replaced by the good ol' boys?

"You are more than welcome to paste this on the website but not my email address as my husband is an officer and I used to be an officer, however my father has been an inmate since 81 and I get to see both sides of the fence." S., Wife of c/o and daughter of inmate

From: Kay Lee
Did you mean literally that Clark and Crosby are related?  Or just buddies?

ANSWER: "Yes, I mean literally that Clark and Crosby are related. If I am not mistaken, they are brothers in law. Clark is one of the big boys in Union County as his family has been in this area for a LONG LONG time.

"The only thing I ask not to be made public is my email address for the sake of my husband as he is a correctional officer and I wouldn't want anyone to connect him with this by recognizing the email address, everything else is free for you to use. When I get more information I will email it to you as I think what you are doing is great, just keep in mind that there are many good officers amongst the trash that works in the system."
~S. Wife of 'correctional' officer



Sent: Thursday, September 15, 2005 10:56 AM
Subject: Relates to phone call/Clarks grocery & AC Clark-NO RELATION

Kay Lee,

I am writing you to get the facts straight.  In a previous posted statement on, an anonymous wife of a correctional officer stated, "As a matter of fact, his family owned Clark Grocery right down the road from RMC in Lake Butler for as long as I can remember, up until a few months ago."  That statement is a FALSE statement.  AC Clark is in no way related to the Clark's who owned Clark's Meats and Grocery in Lake Butler, FL for 20 years--right down the road from RMC!!  I am the daughter of those owner's, Ted & Judy Clark, and my only brother's name is Greg Clark.  We have no relatives in the state of Florida.  My parents served that community well and are highly respected for the way they lovingly cared for their customers.  We are not part of the "big boys of Union County." Our father passed away in 2003, and I will not stand by and allow our family's namesake to be ruined by this internet "discussion."  People who posted statements on this website need to check their "facts" before they post them.  In one sentence, someone can ruin a person's name who has worked hard all of their lives to keep it a good name.  This woman was protecting her family's name by remaining anonymous, but she completely disregarded my family's name when she stated a false statement "as a matter of fact."  How can this website be taken seriously, if unverified information is included with statements that are possibly true?

Setting the FACTS straight,
Tracie Clark Starling

DO NOT post my e-mail address when this is posted on the website.  You can print my name with it.


Your rebuttal is well written and I will post it in immediately.  With Florida prisons in the state they are in, it is an absolute necessity that someone look inside the walls and around them at the areas that host these places and their workers. Unfortunately there is a powerful air of secrecy concerning the prisons in Florida. As my disclaimer states, because I don't have the power or ability to investigate all the information presented, I have found that the only way to present the issues is to offer both sides equal opportunity and let the readers help in the search for information. It is the only way I've found to be fair because I always offer the opportunity for rebuttal. It works exactly as happened here: Someone was inaccurate in their assumptions. Now our readers know without doubt that Clark Grocery is not owned by AC Clark's relatives, despite what an officer's wife thought.  Thank you for bringing this to our attention. 
Kay Lee


RE:  Capt/Sgt/Major/Colonel/Warden/Region II Director A. C. CLARK

"Getting back to the allocation of funds, it's kind of funny that a Capt. Clark can have the gates shut on him, moved to a different CI, busted down to a Sgt. then out of nowhere show up at FSP as Major. Then not even serve out his probationary period before making Colonel. We all knew that was going to happen. Next he's Warden at NRCI getting revenge on everyone that talked to the IG during the investigation of the missing Employee money.  And yes, we also know that Kenny L. was in on it.  It makes me sick to think of everything illegal that goes on behind the fences.  Oh, yeah what about the wet bar that was built in AC Clark's house with inmate labor especially inmates whose custody level would not allow them out side of the gates?  As I always said, there is a fine line between brown and blue.  I'm glad I got out when I did."   An ex-Officer

NOTE: Very Shortly after making "AC" a warden, James Crosby promoted him again, to Region I Director. If his 'family' [sic?] and his job promotions are not a 'conflict of interest' for the department, I don't know what is. Kay Lee

MR AC CLARK is now the Region 1 director for the Dept. of Corrections.

Since I don't have a list with pictures of the members of AC Clark's team,
I would appreciate any identification the reader can offer of these pictures. Kay Lee


Above is ** Richy Frye
"A real dirt bag"


** Furthermore, Colonel Frye at the institution went to Janice Cloud, owner of "Hair Works Design," and asked her to get her brother (who is the polygraph examiner) to tell him how to pass the polygraph test.  Janice Cloud can be reached at (850) 663-4529

NOTE: I spoke with Janice Cloud on October 7, 2005. She does indeed have a brother-in-law who has been a polygraph examiner for 38 (?) years, but her comment on Colonel Frye coming to her shop was, "This is a damn lie! No one has come into my shop for thse purposes." If you have a rebuttal to anything you see on this site, I will be happy to add it if you will contact me, Kay Lee. Be sure to include the url you found the information on. Thank you.

NOTE: WHILE CLARK WAS STILL COLONEL a officer by the name of Marcus Hodges was hired and recruited to play ball for FSP. The first problem is that he is an ex-con from Georgia. Next, his brother in law is reported to be the Colonel AC Clark.!!!

Friday, July 16, 2004

"There have been reports of a lot of employee embezzlement in the Florida Department of "Corrections" of late.  Something like 62 Federal indictments are supposedly being handed down, several of them for millions of dollars worth of employee theft by people like Colonel AC Clark, who, along with Brian Griffis, is reportedly charged with filching nearly $5 million dollars from the Recycle Program.  According to the allegations of an FDLE source, both are already under federal indictment.

"Did the department fire ol' AC for stealing their money?  Heck no! First they made him warden at New River then moved him up to the position of Director of Region I. In fact my sources tell me they moved guards from prison to prison one recent night so that AC's New River pets could attend the big birthday bash they threw for him."


With this kind of shenanigans, I don't doubt that money is a problem for the department right now. [See Prisoner's Fees]


KAYLEE: Have you known Steroids to be a problem at FSP?

OFFICER: "Yes. Clayton Manning used to work for FSP, left to work for an Egyptian prince as a bodyguard for 3 years. During his time there he was shipping steroids to Raiford under diplomatic immunity. The info that I got was that Manning was shipping them to Zyltowski (who was mentioned in the FSP Sinking Ship), and the actual distribution was done thru Zyltowski to Dean Ellis, Brian Griffis, Marcus Hodges, Oscar Shipley, and Kenny Lampp.

"Clayton Manning has returned to the department but I was just told he is keeping a low profile at this time."

KAYLEE: I noted Timmy Wilkerson's name but didn't have any notes on him but 'slimeball'.  Is there a story on him?

OFFICER: "(1)Timmy Wilkerson- Yes you are correct slimeball! Timmy is now at New River East Unit, so you better advise your lolits about his presence. I understand he is up to his old ways again.

KAYLEE: Pepperspray used at FSP (any other prisons?) is a custom mix that takes the hide off (immediately?)?

OFFICER: (2) "Pepper Spray- All I can say for sure is that we were told in a meeting that the OC Pepper Spray currently used at FSP is a special blend under the authority of the upper administration.

KAYLEE: Do you know the compounds of the mixture?  Whose idea was it to mix such a compound? How long have they been doing this?

OFFICER: "I received several reports that officers were told in a meeting held by Captain Dean Ellis that the OC Pepper Spray that is currently being used at FSP is a special blend that is mixed extra hot under the authority of the upper administration, but Ellis did not mention any names However, A. C. Clark was still Colonel at the time, not yet indicted, and it has often been rumored that the directive came through him. James Clark Jr. either has to be in on it, or he just doesn't know what his left hand is doing."

KAYLEE: And KKK Florida State headquarters in is Lawtey, Florida?


KAYLEE: What is the recycle program?  Is this the audit the Feds were conducting when they busted Griffis?

OFFICER: (5) "Recycle- Is a facility that was opened at the old swine farm behind FSP. When you are passing the warehouse going towards FSP it is the tan building out in the field on the left. It's function is to serve as a collection and processing facility for all the recycle materials such as, Aluminum cans, brass, paper, card board and even milk crates.

"In 2002 when Sgt Markham was in charge of the recycle they were averaging about $100,000 a month being returned to the general budget of the department, but when he stood up to AC and would not let him run it the way AC wanted it run, they put Markham on midnites and put Brian Griffis over recycle. At that time there was about $450,000 in the recycle general account.

"Within a month Sgt Markham was contacted by the IG's office concerning the account being overdrawn. And now a formal audit is being conducted because the department hasn't received any disbursments from recycle since Sgt Markham was replaced. Also several inmates who were working there have been shipped to unknown locations in connection with this the preliminary amount that I was told was 4.25 million dollars."

KAYLEE: About Alan Clarks' Fed Indictment.  Who is suspected of being involved with him in the $4 million dollars worth of theft?

OFFICER: (6) "Allan Clarks Indictment- All I can really say is that I was told by a really reliable source that He did receive one and was placed on administrative leave. Furthermore he was told by Crosby that he (Crosby) could not continue to cover for him due to his political future being in jeopardy. There is according to my source within FDLE, 62 Indictments in all to be served."

KAYLEE: One more thing:  You called yourself a 'convicts' guard.  Could you define that term?

OFFICER: (7) "What is a Convict Guard?- A convict guard is someone that has been around the system a while and can do their job with out having to be a ass. He gives respect and gets it back from the inmates without malice. He goes to work without taking his home life problems with him and leaves his work at work. He doesn't have to use pepperspray to feel like a man or intentionally torment the very inmates that he is entrusted to provide the basic care, custody, and control over. Just as their is a difference in an inmate and a convict there is also a difference between officer, guard, and convict guard.

"I sure hope this works and answers some of your questions. I have spoken to several people who are interested in helping mtwt. If I can be of any assistance in the future just ask." ~An Unidentified Officer

Marcus Starling aka Marcus Hodges (AC Clark's boy)
Mon, 29 Mar 2004

"Hi kaylee, I wanted to drop you a line, in case you didn't know Marcus Hodges got picked up by DEA and has been terminated by DOC.

"All this happened about a week, two weeks at the most. I don't have an exact date. Clark is warden at New River now.  Marcus Starling is AKA Marcus Hodges, Starling is all that I have ever known him by (and I have known him for a very long time). I don't believe he and Clark are related. He just got recruited because he plays ball. Clark likes him because of the steroids and xxx pills.

"It was rumored that Clark was coming to UCI because Crosby was moving Union's warden as far away as he could get him to make room for his people. They say Clark in the next 6 months will be in Tallahassee so Crosby can groom him for deputy secretary. I am sure that will happen too if we don't expose them.

"My opinion is he has been a girlfriend beater his whole life. Well he beat on this last one too. She told on him for xxx, pills, pot and steroids. His girlfriend told the DEA where to find all the goods and gave a list of names, including AC Clark. The investigation is far from over, everyone is talking at work.

"Maybe you have more sources than I, but I'm sure the Gainesville sun would love to hear about this. If you check around you could verify this info.

"90% of us in the correctional field would love to see AC Clark go down and make Crosby look like an ass, but I am sure Crosby will cover up for his boys and they will come out smelling like a rose. The only way for us to win is the media (Gainesville sun) because they hate DOC and to put pressure on Crosby. We need his ass out of DOC." ~An Old-Time Officer who will remain unnamed at this time.


To: <>
Received: Monday, December 27, 2004

"There are suppose to be 17 indictments, and AC Clark is one of them. I don't know where to look to find if this is true or just a rumor. Hope you found the info on Marcus Hodges. He has been arrested in the past for battery and resisting an officer w/o violence. It is a shame that they let people like this run our prison system.

This is a link to the Lance CO site, thread titled "AC Clark and..."  Page 7 of this thread is particularly interesting.  It names names and lists various acts of fraud and malfeasance.  Could be rumor and innuendo, but is it worth following up on?

Nov 28th, 2004, 01:23am

It seems as if there is going to be some big people go down in the near future. I hear they are quite a few folks going down to the federal courthouse for some strange reason. I would appreciate any info.

I have a family member that is in some sort of trouble and it involves that mess around Raiford. He claims everything is OK, but when your butt has to go to the federal building several times a week it is something to worry about. Maybe he doesn't want to worry me but not knowing what is going on is troublesome. All I know is (secondhand) there is drug use, stealing (embezzlement.) and a few other things going on that he must have been involved in. It is a shame when people take jobs to uphold the law and they are the ones breaking them. This isn't the first time he has been stupid so whatever comes out I guess I will not be surprised.

"Sorry to hear that, its no excuse, but sometimes it is easy to get caught up in things that arent always right, or smart. I'm sure he meant no harm, maybe he will be ok, the rumor mill is working triple time right now tho."

"I am shocked and angry that some so-called correctional officers would use this board to trash the name of a man like regional director Clark. Just because a few bad apples may have used steriods does not mean Mr.Clark had knowlege of this. I played softball for Mr.Clark at the "Bighouse" and at the "Blue Wave", (Some of you wannabees don't know what that is), And Mr.Clark is the most ethical man I know and would never condone such activities. Some of these rumers are being spread by disgruntaled state employees and former inmates and are nothing more than a pack of lies.  Ironman

Some thoughts here:

1. How does softball provide a gauge for general ethical behavior?

2. Perhaps Ironman does not know very many ethical men.

3. Dispel all rumors by using drug tests on staff members on a regular basis. Start with a complete test, and then use a percentage of employees by random selection. Terminate all positives or refusals.

Ironman, do you want to send those requests (from an earlier post) to the state legislators? You do you want to guarantee a drug-free workplace, don't you Ironman?

Drug abuse is not uncommon in our society. To believe that it does not exist as well in the correctional community is a fantasy. Steroid, cannibis, prescription medication (pain pill) abuse, cocaine in its various forms - all create an unsafe workplane. Yes, steroid use is not considered to be as dangerous as many of the others, but "roid rage" IS a documented adverse side effect.

I assume that whomever started this topic is grouping Mr. Clark with these DOC people because its kinda widespread, and the fact that it continues without resistance raises some eyebrows. Perhaps he knows nothing of it. I hope thats the case.

It is impossible for Mr. Clark to work with these people on a regular basis and not be aware of the drug use. If he is that oblivious to the fact, then he sure as heck should not be regional director. Overlooking or turning your head to further your cause makes you just as guilty as the ones doing it. It was probably not his job to police the drug users but it was his place to see that someone did investigate the problem before it got so big. It is sad that some involved could not stand up to the peer presure and intimidation and now they may be the fall guys for the big ones.


"I work for the Florida Department of Corrections, I am emailing you in an attempt to get someone to listen to a problem that we face. We need to enforce the random drug testing policy. ASAP. Please look into this matter, we are a branch of Law Enforcement and should be held to higher standards. I have never been tested in 5 years of service. It needs to be done.

I emailed every friggin senator in FL, except Mr. Webster, cause his email link wasnt listed. Gee, we dont have many black senators do we? Im also submitting it to the DOC suggestion box...but emailing the Gov is a sure way of cutting my own head off. Dont think Im ready for that yet, thank you.

Perhaps you overlooked the fact that I am FEMALE. Not especially a worrisome topic for me. Just think it a bit strange that someone is looking for that kind of info on this site, thats all. If the state wants to know who's really on drugs, all they have to do is drug test each and every one of us. OH WAIT, that will never happen. They are scared of the possible outcome.

PS, I realize that some females may use steroids, its just not a topic that I find troublesome....Steroids should be the least of the states worries (as far as illegal drug use about coke, weed and pill use first) But hey, just tell me where to sign up to support stricter random testing and I'll join up. Ive never been tested in 5yrs.

If it is true that controlled substances are being used, and this use is not being reported, then it should be worrisome to you, in that the performance of those staff members around you who are using will be impacted.

We all have suspicions about people we work with that may, or may not use drugs....But I guess one would only know for sure if they caught a person in the act, or did it with them. So that leaves me out of the loop for reporting such offenses. I think drug testing should happen ALOT more often, because I wonder sometimes.

When performance enhancers (steroids) are considered, what exactly does being female have to do with anything? Have there not been female athletes castigated for their (steroid) use? Have they not also been barred from competition? No one even suggested that you were taking steroid products, just that you seemed a bit defensive at the question. If you agree that there is a problem, and you must "If the state wants to know who's really on drugs, all they have to do is drug test each and every one of us. OH WAIT, that will never happen. They are scared of the possible outcome" then surely any information here would, or should, be welcome. If it is true that controlled substances are being used, and this use is not being reported, then it should be worrisome to you, in that the performance of those staff members around you who are using will be impacted. Just my 2 cents worth. ~Officer J

OK OfficerJ  Did you really mean this "But hey, just tell me where to sign up to support stricter random testing and I'll join up." or was it just words - like "snitches get stitches."

Reply:  Here is a link to Fla. Senators, by name and district:

You can find everything under if you really want to. If you really meant it, I'd suggest an email to every Fl. senator, every Fl. congressman, and the governor. You could even post a copy of your email here in this thread. As soon as I finish typing this, I'll take a big breath, so hurry, 'cause I can't hold it long. Heh heh

Reply from Officer J: I know steroids are an issue. Your body can only grow so big without some sort of enhancement. The growth is slow too. I don't have a problem with someone using steroids or even smoking a few joints, but if they are in law enforcement they need to keep that mess at the house and not be involving it with fellow law enforcers. I've even heard the mention of coke but I just don't know. I surely don't approve of coke. I sound like I have a double standard but some drugs lead to bigger drugs. I'm glad I left DOC and got a college education or I might even be involved in all that mess. Now I sound as if I am knocking being a CO but I'm not. DOC has brought up the prestige of the profession and when we have corruption it only destroys what it has taken years to build.

It really is a shame that everyone worry's about Steroid. When I am more worried about working with Officer's that are doing Prozac,Zoloft and the rest of these types of drugs.Bunch of wussie's If you can't handle a little stress Leave...

Reply: Think of this,if I wasen't on Prozac, Zoloft and the rest of my medications that I need ,I'd probobly, after having to work with you, rip that "TIN CAN' off bettween your shoulders that you call your head and drop kick it into Bradford county!

you might need to try and get some education on people that use zoloft and prozac. These drugs are very useful for the people that require them. Steroids are for people that are not satisfied with what their body looks like. These are the people that may be in great need of some sort of zoloft or prozac. Roid Rage is a serious problem and if you are a user you are fully aware of that fact. Some people that use steroids can control their rage, just as some alcoholics can control their rage when they have had to much to drink. Get off the steroids and you will crash and feel just like the people that are taking prozac and zoloft. Then maybe you will be a wussies in need of some prozac. I have been on both sides of the street and I can assure you that if you are a user you have crashed and you hit a deep depression and I am sure you took or drank something to help you through the crash peroid. Don't act as if you are the toughest thing around because I know you have crashed and you felt like a wussie til you started your next cycle.

As far as the Psych meds least they are prescribed for a medical reason. If I had cancer, I'd take medication for that, or asprin for a headache. Mental issues can be very easily controlled with meds. Im not on any, but I work with those kind of inmates every day. Officer J

Reply: Well help me out here..Why are there so many officers doing drugs..Either given to them by the doctor's office or by The Clark Boys..What ever happen to "after work let's go have a beer " now's it's after work come on let's go pop some pills...

Manofsteel - you wrote "Well quit buying them is a good way to start lowering are prices..." This, as others of your posts, is a bit confusing. Do you mean that if people stop buying various drugs, then the prices will be generally lowered? Help us out here.

There are prescribed medications that actually do help with certain mental/emotional conditions. Have you ever been around an un-medicated person with bipolar disorder? I have, and I imagine OfficerJ has seen this at her institution. It's not always pretty, but it is never dull. In this and other similar instances proper medication is a good thing - over or under medicated is not.

Similarly, abuse of any prescribed medication - Xanax, Prozac, Zoloft, various pain pills - should be avoided. Overindulgence in adult beverages can be hazardous to a person's health and well-being, and can lead to addiction and/or life altering experiences - imprisonment is one. Going out for drinks to relieve stress is borderline use of alcohol as a crutch. Moderation is the key, I think, in the use of the legal substances.

Here we read from a poster "that everyone worry's about Steroids..." No, "everyone" is not worried about "steroid" but some of us are. We are because of the "roid rage" that sometimes follows its use/abuse.

From another poster "if I wasen't on Prozac, Zoloft and the rest of my medications that I need..." I am not a pharmaceutical expert, but aren't Prozac and Zoloft used to treat similar symptoms, and if this is true, is it possible that they are not being prescribed by the same physician? And if this is true, could this be considered to be "prescription shopping? or "doctor shopping" in order to get similar medications in ever increasing quantities? And if this is ALSO true, can you not see where this could be considered prescription drug abuse - which I believe to be, at the very least, borderline illegal? Are you aware that every day someone is incarcerated for this very activity? Can you see irony here?

Now can you see why there is concern about the substances that some correctional staff are putting in their bodies? If you do this, consider that you are putting yourselves, your coworkers, and the inmates whom you supervise at risk. All three groups deserve better than this. Taxpayers deserve better than this.

Reply: When DoC succeeds in getting rid of all the malcontents and substance abusers, then it can become an organization of true professionals. Officer J is on the ground floor of this movement, and all should be proud of her. We may never know who you really are behind your screen name J, but "ya' done good."




Kay Lee
2683 Rockcliff Road SE
Atlanta, Ga  30316