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Starlet 36 Model Sailboat Plans

Following the photo of Thom McLaughlin's Starlet 36
are the pages from an article in Popular
Mechanics magazine detailing how to
build a model sailboat that resembles the
Star Class 22' 8" racing sailboat.

Thom's keel differs in that is hollow and ready to have lead shot installed to save having to pour hot lead.

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Milton Thrasher built Star 3909 shown above from scratch.
He covered it with fiberglass before it was ever launched in 1957.
This approach was copied by the major Star builders
until fiberglass molds were developed about 1963.

This photo shows the fine lines of the Star that
has endured since it first appeared in 1911.
It is still raced in the Olympics and is strongest
as a class in Europe.

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