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Laser Cut Frames for Model sail boats and object with plans available
Click on for a custom illustration of YOUR boat.

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Laser Cut Frames for all types of boats

See my expanded coverage of laser cut frames models at .

I provide laser cut frames in virtually any size from lines drawings and sketches.
I recently booked a laser cut frames order for H-28 by L. Frances Herreshoff, a famous family style ketch. See for boat plans.

Starlet 36 Model Sailboat Plans

Starlet 36" frames = $60 with discounts for 5 or more for youth projects.

Click for the Starlett 36 PhotoShow and other Star Class Model size I provide frames for.

I provide the frames for those who want to build the Starlet 36 and other Star Class models following much of the instructions in the 1942 8 page article in Popular Mechanics magazine. It details how to build a model that resembles the Star Class 22' 8" racing sailboat. My Starlet 36" is very close to the Star Class Yacht Racing Association's lines.

The layout was modified from the .dxf file provided by John Fisher that was used for the AMYA Star Class 45" Class. The differences are the keel and rudder shapes and elimination of the half frames. I provide frames from the same lay out for Star Class One Meter and Star Class 45.

My Star Class 45 frames meet the AMYA 45 rules if fitted with the keel and rudder from the AMYA Star 45 plans.

I suggest that my frames make it a little easier to build the Star Class models. I provide them in any size within reason. I made a 6' Star Class model to the SCYRA lines while at Penn State. It was a phenomenally fast model! As Charley Morgan, yacht designer, former SCYRA Techical Director, once said, "The Star Class remains as one of the most perfect hull shapes of the many hard chine boats in that size range." However, I remember that a very large yacht was made to the Star Class lines that did not preform as expected. Click for the AMYA Star 45 web site. Larry Ludwig is the Class Secretary. As he stated on the AMYA J-Class web site, "Milton makes model boats appear out of thin air!".

Starlet 36 PhotoShow.

Star Class # 3909 built by Milton Thrasher 1957

He covered it with fiberglass before it was launched in 1957.
This approach was copied by Skip Etchells who saw it at Larchmont Race Week 1958. He and the Lippincott brothers, major Star builders copied this approach until fiberglass molds were developed in about 1963.

The photo shows the fine lines of the Star that
has endured since it first appeared in 1911.
I think they are still raced in the Olympics. It is now stronger as a class in Europe and Australia than in the US.

Star Class # 6953 bought from Charley Morgan at the Sarasota Sailing Squadron (FL) in 1995.

Click for IOD Manual

Some examples of my laser cut frames

Sound Interclub and Stuart Knockabout 28 are shown with center profiles.
Others are made for conventional construction with building boards.

You can cut out the cockpit area to finish the cockpit.

Click my home page for more information on these and other models.

Skerry Laser Cut Model Boat Kits with Sails - 15" and 22.5" LOA

Laser cut model boat kits of Chesapeake Light Craft's Skerry are available.

This 22.5" early prototype was assembled following the same steps for building the full size Skerry.

The 22.5" model boat kits are with out the same sail rig options as real boats because your can make the spars from wooden dowels very easily.

They are made in birch which can be finished to look like mahogany plywood.

Assemble them with the same stitch and glue methods as the full size Skerry.
This assures that you will have a similar experience as building the 15' Skerry.

Call Milton Thrasher to discuss the various options - 941 966-9179 or e-mail

Go to for info on Chesapeake Light Craft's Skerry.

Laser Cut Parts

The layout on the left shows the shapes of the laser cut parts made from birch plywood.

They can be painted or stained and finished like mahogany which is used by Chesapeake Light Craft for making the full size Skerry parts.

They are 22.5" in 3/4" to 1' scale.

Half round rub rails are to be made from dowels planed down to make half rounds.

I charge $150 per set plus $15 shipping and handling for US and Canada.

Call me to discuss options.

941 966-9179 - Email

Customized Models to Your Exact Details.

Stuart Knockabout 28 Half Models

Beautiful Stuart Knockabout 28s make wonderful subjects for half modellers

Lines of the L. Francis Herreshoff 1932 design from an ad by Harding Sails, Inc.

The lines are used to create plank-on-frame models

Plank-on-frame made half model at .75" to 1' scale

I make Stuart Knockabout 28 half models by plank-on-frame methods. One is for W. O. Bell of Winston-Salem, SC. He keeps his SK 28 at Prouts Neck, ME.

The SK 28 is a Nathaniel Herreschoff classic centerboard day sailer from 1932.

Check out the videos at Edey and Duff's web site for more photos of the Stuart Knockabout 28 and other boats.

The lines drawings are from an ad by Harding Sails. They make it possible to produce very accurate half models.

Over 60 Stuart Knockabouts have been made in fiberglass by Edey and Duff. There are a number of them now for sale on-line.

I enlarge the lines drawing to .5" or .75" to 1' scale for cutting profile, deck and frames. I mount the frames on the profile and cover them with the deck plan. This makes a very accurate frame which is planked with balsa or bass wood strips to assure a very accurate hull shape.

The hull shape is sanded with a long board to be sure that all the curves are fair. It is then filled with bondo glazing compound and many coats of primer to assure a very smooth finish.

Lines of the Stuart Knockabout 28 were found on an add for Harding Sails, Inc.

Click for a beautiful tribute to the beauty of the Stuart Knockabout 28.

These models have cockpit coamings to add more realism.

Other models that I offer

I sell IOD, Star and Etchels models and laser-cut frames for many classes of boats as shown on

See videos of my models on YouTube.

Contact me at:

Milton Thrasher
4258 Hearthstone Drive
Sarasota, FL 34238
941 966-9179

Other Models I Make

Pat Murphy's model of his boat customized for his retirement.

I customized this Marshall 18 Catboat model for presentation at Pat's Sarasota Sailing Squadron retirement after 28 years! I sell many of the same beautifully finished Made-in-China classic model yachts that you can find on eBay and on-line outlets at remarkably low prices.

I customize models of all types with registration numbers, boat names, hull and sail graphics, sail insignia and numbers; all for $150 above the on-line price of each model.

The graphics and lettering are done in very thin vinyl cut with a laser for accuracy.

Have a Marshall 18 Catboat, Herreshoff 12 1/2 and S Boat, Crosby Cat, Beetle Cat, IOD, Dark Harbor 21, Friendship Sloop, Lobster Boat and many power boat models customized for from $300 to $425".

Exquisite model details are found by searching with for "classic model yachts" or "classic boat models".

Order your type of model with details for customization from me. I buy the models from the various sources and customize them in the colors, graphics, type font and styles wanted for only $150 more than the model prices found online. I ship them after you approv3 them from detailed photos.

You get the best possible models at the least costs.

Call me to discuss the many options of a wide range of classic model boats. Call Milton Thrasher, 941 966-9179 or E-mail

My Entire Inventory of Molded Half Models For Sale!

Click for my inventory of 64 molded half models I offer for sale at very low prices. INVENTORY.

Go to for photos of many of them.

These are offered as-is or finished with your colors and graphics. See some examples of my recently delivered finished models. Contact me for a Power Point Slideshow to be sent by E-mail as a .pps files.

74" Vanja A Class and Other Model Yachts

Popular Mechanics published the plans for the Vanja in 1935 in a two part series which can be found on-line due to the Google on-line books project at March 1935
and April 1935 .

Search on these addresses for "Vanja" to pull up the articles.

Try this address for the start:,M1

Thanks to Mr. Mark Stahl for pointing this out to me. His e-Mail address is

He says, "Watch my progress of building model yachts at (A work in slow progress…)

Laser Cut frames and finished yacht models

Click for laser cut frames for model yachts.

$175 per 48", $225 for 60" and $375 for 8.5' and large sets with plans and manuals plus S&H.

Vanja 74" A Class Models ready to sail - $3500

Order two for match racing

Vanja being sailed prior to painting

The Vanja displaces 48 pounds
which provides a lot of momentum.

This shows the underbody and large rudder

This web site provides the 1936 Popular Mechanics
manual and lines drawings for the A Class model
that won the 1933 US National Championship.
These plans are no longer available from Popular Mechanics.
It was designed by George Baron of Chicago, IL circa 1935.

A printed copy of the Vanja construction manual with these pages plus more
building instructions and CD-rom of photos is provided for $25 ppd.

International One-Design 48" Class Models

An assembly manual with a CD-rom with many plans, photos and instructions
is available for $25 for the IOD 48" semi-scale models
of the International One Design 33' 5" full keel day sailer/racer
made famous by Corny Shields.

Check out IOD 48" models.

Go to my home page to see laser cut and band sawn frames in various sizes available for IOD and many other r/c and scale models.

Milton Thrasher
4258 Hearthstone Drive
Sarasota, FL 34238
941 966-9172

E-mail: Milton Thrasher.

Click for additional pages of the Vanja manual.

The Vanja Assembly Manual and CD-Rom with many plans,
photos and instructions is available for $25 ppd.

Orca 3D Modern A Class Model Kit by Bob Sterne

The following photos show part of the Orca 3D kit offered for sale at $500

Other web sites

Starlet 36/600 plans from Popular Mechanics.
Original Vanja web site with additional photos
Original IOD 48" web site with many photos
Fiberglass hulls, manuals and plans for these
models are available from

Milton Thrasher
4258 Hearthstone Drive
Sarasota, FL 34238
Phone 941 966-9172

Email: Milton Thrasher