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This site is the backup to Ann's notes for  MAS 3105 that she is taking at the University of Central Florida in Orlando Florida.  The text book that is used in this class is titled "MAS 3105" and was written by Richard M. Caron and Frank L. Saizmann and published by Pearson Custom Publishers.
Ann will add links on the left side panel to pages for the notes taken during each class.  Each lecture may cover two sections in the text book.  There will be about 29 classes which will be complete by May 1st 2004.  
Here is table of contents for the book that is used in this class:

Chapter 1 Vectors and Spans

Section 1.   The Algebra of Vectors

Section 2.   Linear Combinations of Vectors

Section 3.   The Span of a Set of Vectors

Section 4.   A Theorem of Spans

Section 5.   Vector Spaces

Section 6.   Spans and Vector Spaces

Chapter 2 Matrices

Section 7.   Linear Functions

Section 8.   Function Operations

Section 9.   Matrices

Section 10.  Some Simple Applications

Section 11.  Special Types of Matrices

Chapter 3 Determinant and Inverses

Section 12.   Elementary Transformations

Section 13.   The Echelon Form

Section 14.  Gaussian Elimination    

Section 15.   Inverses

Section 16.   Determinants

Section 17.   Properties of  Determinants

Section 18.   Nonsingular Matrices

Chapter 4 Linear Systems

Section 19.   Determinants Revisited (skipped)

Section 20.   Linear Independence

Section 21.   Basis

Section 22.   Rank of a Matrix

(Spring Break March 7 thru March 13)

Section 23.   Homogeneous Systems 

Section 24.   Non-homogeneous Systems

Section 25.   A Little Coding Theory (skipped)

Chapter 5 Eigenvalue and Eigenvectors

Section 26.   Eigenvalue

Section 27.   Eigenvectors

Section 28.   Diagonalization

Section 29.   Recursive Sequences (skipped)

Section 30.   Markov Chains  (skipped)

Chapter 6 Functions of Matrices

Section 31.   Polynomials

Section 32.   Series of Matrices

Section 33.   Generalized Eigenvectors

Section 34.   Canonical Basis

Section 35.   The Jordan Form

Section 36.   Some Computations

Chapter 7 Special Topics

Section 37.   Complex Eigenvalues

Section 38.   Special Matrices

Section 39.   Inner Product

Section 40.   Quadratic Forms

Section 41.   Least Square Approximations

Section 42.   Matrices of Functions

Section 43.   Differential Equations

Other Helpful links will be added here:

Linear and Matrix Algebra MAS 3105

Spring 2004

Dr. Piotr Mikusinski

Department of Mathematics

University of Central Florida

This one is called " Linear Algebra is Fun! "

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