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s i m p l y sweet n' sexy

Eighteen years ago one cold winter night in d e c e m b e r nineteeneightyfive, in NewYork, a little Chinese gurl named L i L y was born. N o w she is known as the fun loving fivefoot o n e asian shortai representin the 727/813 area and the Largo High class of twothousandfour. she can be seen hangin out with her baby @ the movies mall beach anywhere imaginable, on the phone chattin listenin to music or at work makin tha cash. cant stand concietness players haters bugs not knowin why annoyin parents history ecetra. loves cars sanrio starry nights hot beaches tapioca deserts shades of blue white roses pandas cheesecake crazy people dancin nd C H R I S. V U. Wants a man who can be t r u e funni s w e e t sexy c u t e romantic t r u s t i n g smart s i n c e r e understanding f r e e and can make her feel like an angel and i've devoted my life to him on Sept 12, 2003. On the edge of becoming an a d u l t shes ready to conquer the world...

[ t h o u g h t s ]

February 15 2oo4//mood//*lucky*
Happy Valentine's! My first valentine actually spent with someone special. it was veryy nice i must say, a lot more meaning to it than that comes to mind. we spent a whole day together and had a great time despite the feel downs we had during that week. we went canoeing in a beautiful place which i picked! lol. 7 miles in 2 hours. yay nature is so pretty. then we ate lunch and although dinner was suppose to be at 5 we missed the reservation and spent sometime alone then went to ruby tuesday later on and then watched somethings gotta give which is an awesome movie and came home to a wonderful chat on the phone. what more can i ask for. then i got a dozen red roses sent to my work on valentines. they are gorgeous and just take my breath away at how wonderful my lil hunnie is. he is the most precious thing in my life and to him i have given everything i have..I LOVE CHRISTOPHE VU!!!
Goals for this year>>
graduate within the top 10 of the class +
reach 1270 on SAT+
get full scholarship to college+
acceptance into Univ.OF.Florida+
be a dedicated Key Club officer+
have a date to prom+
meet new people+
go clubbin+
go on a road trip+
be a good daughter and sister+
keep a steady job+
buy a 00 Civic EX Coupe+
stay out of trouble+
go to New York City+
go to school sport events+
keep lovin my baby for the rest of my life+
be crazyy/have fun+
make this year the best year of my life!
7 down 15 to go..lol
CLASS of 2004 comin atcha+

[ s h o u t s ]

when times are down and theres nowhere to run you kno that ur true friends will always be there...

Anh > > thank you so much for always being there to talk to. plus your so understanding and show me the sides of everyone that i cant always see myself. hanging with you is always so much fun. i know no matter what you are the friend i never want to lose.
Kathy > > whoo hoo i told you we would make it to UF. lol funni tho we dont wanna go nomore! but if we do you better not forget bout me. you are such a talented person i know only the best comes to you!
Ami > > im glad when i wanna talk bout life your always there.i know that in time your gonna find a hot sexy nice guy. dont worry! juss try to not be so picky lil gurl. i hope that in college we all still chill together. without you guys its no fun!
LeAnna > > i so know you are going to prom right. you better! it wont be any fun without u rumpshaker. this year actually has been going well and i think it only gets better. 4th block is definently fun!
Chris > > i cant believe where we are right now in life, i just cant get it out of my mind how i couldnt see that the one person that is truly the most devoted is right here in front of my face and yet it took me 2 years to realize that. i dont know when or why it happened but i know that having you in my life is more important than anything or anybody else. you give me so much security and happiness its not even funni. weve both grown so much over the years and then out of nowhere something brings us back together on a level i never in a thousand years thought would happen...kuv hlub koj
BaLLaS > > Alex + Andy + Benny + Chris L + Chris V + Daniel + Dat + Duong + Jason + Jeffery + Jonni + Minh + Richie + Rodney + Spencer + Tho + Tito + Tony + Tony V + Tran + Winfield +
GuRLs > > Amanda + Ami + Amy + Anh + Erin + Janette + Jessica + Julie + Kathy + Kim + Lauren + LeAnna + Lexy + Linda + Lindsey + Lisa + Liz + Ly + Mariel + May + Nina + Rose + Shelly + Terrica + Thao + Tina

[ f l i r t y f e b r u a r y ]
5 months - Feb 12
Valentine's - Feb 14
Short day - Feb 16

..aww so innocent

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