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                               Movie verse fan fiction 

                                                    Movie Verse Fan Fiction

                                    A - E






Staying For Him - A candid look at what Rogue did on the road.

The Bet - Someone looses his bike and you won't believe who the winner is! 


I Don 't Know - The lack of action can lead to life altering changes.

I Was Trying to Be Someone - One hero looks back.


Dissolution -Dealing with loss...


Easy Tonight - Logan continues to look for Marie, but his guilt is strongÖ  What
happened to make her run, anyway?

Ghost - As Rogue and Scott's relationship continues to unravel, the Professor send the team on a rescue mission with hopes that it will save them all.  Second installment in the sequel to "Torn."

He Is A Friend - What did Xavier see when he was lying in the medlab, stuck inside
his head?

Hot Legs - Classic rock and a black leotard start the fantasy ball rolling for Logan one sunny spring day.

The Devil You Know - Someone is being very not nice to Logan.


Bound - Logan considers his past, present and future

 Escape - Logan is plagued by another nightmare, but this time he has an angel looking after him.

Good Night - Someone comes home

Thinking - What if...


Little Things - What happens when the school's well oiled machine rumbles to a halt...

Living Ever After - Rogue has someone new to flirt with

Elizabeth Wilde

Without - The X-Menís newest addition could prove fatal to Logan and Jeanís relationship.

Decisions - Logan considers returning to the school and what it could mean.

Hearts and Flowers - Scott and Jean have their first date.

Christmas in Westchester - The x-mansion celebrates Christmas.

Letting Go - Sometimes you just have to let go


       Bobby and Rogue

Touch - Bobby helps Rogue celebrate her 18th birthday

Change in Perspective - Bobby has doubts about Marie's feelings for him.

Watching - Bobby writes in a journal to work out his feelings after Rogue breaks up with him.


Call Me - Scott returns to the school after three years.

Lonely - Scott finally finds someone who could help him move on.

Everywhere - Scott tries to move on with his life.

The End  v1 - One of three different endings to Scott's tale

The End v2 - One of three different endings to Scott's tale

The End v3 - One of three different endings to Scott's tale

Rogue and Logan

Arrival -Logan returns to Xavierís school.

Missing - Logan returns to the school to find a very changed Rogue.

Confusion - Loganís feelings towards Rogue begin to change.

Hurt Me - Logan comes back and turns Rogue's life upside-down.  That's the fuzzy description.  To really get it, you just need to read

Remembering - Rogue thinks about how things have changed at the mansion since Logan left.

Just a Girl - When Logan returns to the school, Rogue has to make him see how much she's changed

Not Me - Logan/Rogue thinks about Jean.

Spring - Logan and Rogue pick a meeting place.

Winter -Rogue responds to Loganís attempt to make things better