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              comic fan fiction page



The Twisted Inside - Take a look at a Jubilee and Logan pairing

Alex Sisterwolf

An Intriguing Proposition - Someone doesn't think that Logan is as hot he would like to think he is!

RATED R Adult Situations

An Unlikely Story - Sometimes things aren't what they seem!

RATED R Adult Situations 

Ain't Nothing Like Regret - Is a relationship based on sex doomed to fail? 

RATED R Adult Situations 

Another Stray - Logan brings home a stray

RATED R Adult Situations                                                         

Friendship and Killer Whales - Talk about strange bedfellows! 

RATED R Adult Situations 

Trick or Treat - Halloween with an unhappy ending

RATED R Violence

Care Packages - There is nothing like home cooking, especially if it comes with some beneficial benefits! 

Anna Lyssie Cotton

40 Miles From The Sun - An intimate look at a loving X- Couple


Fishing Trip - Fishing trip with old friends leads to some interesting results!

Fishing Trip II - Fish and starships what more could you ask for?

Distant Voices - Some times it takes a tragedy to release some pretty candid thoughts

Crossings - A possible look at an old enemy


I Saw Mommy Kissing... - Romance is in the air can you guess who?

Ghost in Westchester - A road weary team returns home.  [ 1] [ 2 ] [ 3 ]  [ 4 ] [ 5 ] [ 6 ]

Philosopher's Stone - Jean thinks about her new relationship now that Scott is gone.

How to Make Two Lovers From Friends - Others move on

Stand the Hazards Of The Die This continues in the same universe as The Philosopher's Stone which takes place three years after the Revolution (current X-continuity). 


Bad Day - Somebody is trying to explain a really bad day.

 Hidden Talents - Logan gets an eye-full of the new art teacher. Follows 'Bad Day'

Because - Delphi has a chat with a new girl trying to come between her and the man she loves.

Day of Thanks - Thanksgiving at Xavier's School for the Gifted.

Heavy Metal - After an accident Logan brings in another stray. But Silver is more scared than the X-Men think. Character Death, not that it's anyone we like.

I Watch Her - Kurt Wagner watches the woman he loves sleep.

In a Moon Lit Window - Somebody can't sleep.

Smoke Rings - Delphi and Logan share a similar bad habit that has driven them out of the mansion for a few minutes

Surprise Visit - Delphi's mother comes to visit her daughter and meet her friends.Everybody hide!

Time Gone By -
Logan left the X-men to look for his past. He was just planning on looking farther back than fifteen years.

True to My Heart - Delphi moves past her attraction to Logan and has to deal with feelings for a new student.

With This Ring -
Somebody is getting married today


X-Men The Live Action Film - What would the X-men think of the movie?

Kevin Grant

Selen's Revenge - [ 1] [ 2 ] [ 3 ] [ 4 ] [ 5 ]


Failures- Rogue contemplates a new attraction

No One Said That It would Be Easy - An inside look at the X-Men


Cold Hands Warm Heart - Do you believe in ghosts?