Up Stories Part II


A Starving Artist Gets By



Part I

 The second year after graduating from college I was living in my old college town painting and sculpting by day, waiting tables by night and not making nearly enough money to scrape by.  I was sweating making the rent, two months behind on my car payments, every art store in town was cutting off my credit and my only source of nutrition was the free meal I grabbed at work every night.  I was getting desperate enough to consider getting a real job when I noticed an add in the local newspaper.

 It read:  practice patients needed for nurse clinician program, high hourly pay, see Dr. Brown at university hospital.   I was out of paint and canvass anyway, so off to the university I went. Dr. Brown turned out to be a 30ish, good looking brunette who told me that the nurse clinicians program needed patients for the senior students to practice assesments and proceedures on and each student would pay $200 directly to the patient for the privilage.  Since there were 18 students in the class, and every assesment would take about a half an hour,  and no one else had applied for the jobs, I could rake in a potential $3600 for a good days work.  I was seeing dollar signs and neglected to ask Dr. Brown what an assesment consisted of when I agreed to show up the next day for the first class.

 At 8 am the next day in a small room adjoining the classroom, Dr. Brown handed me a typical backless hospital gown and told me I could change right there.  I thought she was going to leave as I started to undress, but she puttered around in the room getting a few items as I took everything off and put the gown on.  She noticed me clutching the gown together, looked me in the eye and with a sly smile said, "hope you aren't shy around women because the entire class is women from 21 to 40 years old and they are going to really look you over inside and out". 

 I followed Dr. Brown into the classroom where she introduced me to the 18 women and motioned for me to climb on an exam table.  She proceeded to explain that she was going to demonstrate how to conduct a complete physical assesment and then would observe as each one of them did likewise.  She proceeded to measure my height and weight, take my blood pressure,  listen to my heart and lungs, look in my ears and eyes, take my temperature orally and finally look down my throat.  She slipped on a pair of gloves, asked me to stand at the edge of table, slipped the gown off my shoulders and allowed it to drop to the floor as she sat on a stool in front of me. 

 As I felt 18 pairs of eyes glue to my crotch, she proceeded to detail to the class how to examine the male external genitalia.  She retracted my foreskin, commenting to the class on how to do it,  she handled each testicle explaining that she was checking for lumps, and finally asked me to cough hard as she tugged on my scrotum.  She patted the exam table and asked me to bend forward.  I felt her spread my ass cheeks and felt something cold and wet at my anus.  "Relax , she said, you only have to have this done 18 more times".  I felt her index finger enter my anus and probe around.  I felt like I was electric shocked and gave a little grunt when she touched my prostate.  She described to the class what she was doing and what she was observing, minute by minute until she withdreww her finger and told me to put my gown back on.  I was sweating as she called a students name and a rather large, heavyset woman in her 40's approached me and commenced taking my blood pressure, pulse, height, weight and mimicking what her instructor had done. 

 She slipped the gown off my shoulders, sat on the stool, and did my genitalia exam like an expert.  She had me lean over the table for the prostate exam and was just a little rough but was quickly done and I was instructed to put the gown on again.  The instructor called another students name and this one happened to be a woman I had taken an english class with.  She was my age, blond and attractive and gave me a wink as she started her exam.  Things were going well until I dropped the gown and she looked at my nearly erect penis.  My face was beet red as Dr. Brown pointed out that my penis was erect and therefore there was no need to retract my foreskin. She gave me another wink as she hefted my testicles and then patted my butt telling me to turn around for the prostate check.  She located my prostate easily and proceeded to massage it expertly.  I couldn't help but moan as she continued the contact of finger on prostate a little longer.  She instructed me to put my gown back on and as I turned around, a small line of precum dripped off my penis, hit the floor and to my great embarrassment was noticed by Dr. Brown.  "Class, occasionally during routine prostate exams, some prostatic fluid is produced and one may actually collect a semen exam by stimulating the prostate".

 The next 16 students performed their exams and I got progressively more erect and more stimulated.  As the last student was performing the prostate exam, I was bucking back against her finger and moaning.  I heard giggles from the class and happened to see a knowing smirk on dr. Browns face.  I leaned back panting and sweating on the exam table with my penis pointed towards the ceiling as Dr. Brown asked me if I would mind if she demonstrated the proceedure for collecting a semen sample by prostatic massage.  I mumbled my consent, she patted the table and told me to lay on my side in the knee chest position.  She put on another set of gloves and lubed the finger even though I had enough lube in my ass to do a set of wheel bearings. 

 While detailing to the class what she was doing, inserted her finger in my anus and started massaging my prostate.  Her other hand reached between my legs and grasped my throbbing penis and put the tip in a wide mouthed jar.  I was really bucking back against her finger as she stroked my cock and as everyone was crowded around the table, I had an earthshattering orgasm and shot a laod of cum that filled half the specimen jar. 

 I lay there panting and exhausted as Dr. Brown told her students to leave my check with her as they left.  As soon as they were gone, she leaned over, kissed me on the ear, told me I was great and hoped I would sign up for the catherization class.


A Starving Artist Gets By   Part II