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Twenty Years of Service!! (1994-2014)

They Built this Council!!!

John Ramey(left)
Appointed Grand Knight in 1994-1995 & Vernon Hawkins, Jr. GK in 2003-2004

1st Easter Egg Hunt (Sunday, April 16 1995)
Charles Ratcliffe, the 1st Easter Bunny
with the future council 1st lady, Mrs.Regina Gary

Robinson Gary, Jr.(left)
First elected Grand Knight (1995-1996)

1st Flea Market, June 1996

John Glenn State Deputy 1994-1996

Fr. Michael King, Pastor of St. Joseph Church, Largo, MD (1991-2001)
First Chaplain, 1994-2001

Dave Thomas-First Fraternal Benefits Advisor

Hugo Braden (right)-First. Pro Life Chairman

Deacon Leon Bechet GK 1997-1998
First Associate Chaplain
First Mardi Gras Chairman
First Church Activities Chairman (1995-1996)

Basketball Free Throw (February 2000)

James Barnes-GK 1999-2000
First Recorder(1994-1997)

Webmaster, Edmund Gary (left) with GK Joseph Marshall (August, 2002)
Gary designed the first 3rd degree K of C multi-lingual web site in the state of Maryland (2002) and the first member to serve as Recorder for nine years.(2014)
Marshall was the first Families Activity Chairman (1995-1996)

Mark Blenkle (left)-DGK 2003-2004

Floyd Duckett and Lady Bernadette (August, 2002)
Floyd is the only grand knight in the council to win the Contest of Champions award for recruiting.

Photos by Michael Akpan, Edmund Gary, Regina Gary and Michael Davenport

Summer, 2014

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