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Justice for all who are falsely accused or convicted


Justice For All    


Every day there are men and women who are being charged with crimes of which they are innocent. In many instances, this is due to:

Police officers not trained for preserving a "crime scene"

Poorly trained investigators

Ineffective counsel

Overzealous or politically motivated prosecutors

Public pressure in high profile cases

Lack of resources to hire proper experts to assist in their defense

As an individual who has lived through the experience of being falsely accused of a capital crime and facing the death penalty, I realize the necessity of outside assistance to prove one's innocence. Once a person is charged, they rely on the advice of their attorney. They do and say whatever they are advised to do or say. In a few cases, this will work out fine. But in most cases, it won't and a guilty verdict will come down. This page has been created in an effort to give you an additional resource for gaining the assistance you may need to help your friend or loved one. On the following pages, you will find just a few of the things I do in order to assist.

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