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Me with my hair diffused and curled.

Drama Queen!!!!

Rissafied completely.

Hi everyone and welcome to my webpage. My name is Jolene and I am 18 yrs. old. I'm involved in my church youth group, youth choir, and sanctuary choir. I attend First Pentecostal Church of Pensacola. Maybe you've heard of my pastors Bro. Paul Welch, Senior Pastor and Bro. Brian Kinsey, Pastor; they are both really cool. Anywho here's some more pics of me and don't forget to check out my pic page links and my poem page! For all of you who don't know me that well i'm the NUMBER 1 SHORTY. If you want to chat w/me head over to i'm normally under the nickname shortygrl. Hey ya'll check out my Dedication page also.

Pictures of my friends

My mentor and buddy Lorissa

Me and ShayShayDaflipflopsista

The singles conf. crew!! CQ, Jo-Jo(DQ),HG Big Boy, Li'l Justin, Tippy, CK HotwheelBoy, Rae-Rae(SLQ)

The future Preacher's wife Deon!

My dear friend Amber

Our Fearless Choir Director Andrew sleeping on the job.

Brandi and Micah (aren't they so cute?)

Look I caught them sleeping!

Only one word to describe this girl, JOJO!!!! Joanna

some of the younger ones in the youth

Jennifer and Deon

Deon and Jenny

Deon and Ashley


Shawn my buddy that i met at Singles

Mandy and Jason at the Avalon Concert.

Me, Tiffany, Shannon, and Tammy hanging out before the big Avalon Concert.

My Links

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