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Things I like

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I'm an easy going person and up for just about anything that does not include extreme heights. (much to consternation and amusement of the men in my family: "Mom's house needs a new roof? What do you mean I can't use the nail gun?" , "Nonny's house needs painted? ummm, How do you start this paint sprayer?", I believe they wish I'd be more like the other women and cook). I see new things as an adventure and enjoy trying it at least once. And hey, I can roof (even without the nail gun), Do drywall, fiberglass and repair a boat, tile and so many other things. Below is some of my ordinary and more frequent interests and hobbies.

  • Gardening- I love to Garden. I think I get this from my grandfather, one of my fondest childhood memories is of helping my poppa work in his garden and harvest the things that grew. I usually have three large veggie garden's, a herb garden, a bulb garden, a tropical garden, my flowerbeds and of course my patio plants. This year I'm rearranging things some, so I cut down to only one veggie garden. Below is a couple of sites I use for information and ideas.
  • Games - I guess you could say I'm a competitive person, I love games of any type. Family parties it's horseshoes, basketball, volleyball, penny poker and/or darts. I have a closet full of board games and puzzles, and they often come out when my nieces or friends visit. There is almost always a puzzle on my kitchen table, I use them as a break from studying. And then there are my online friends, I've met some great people online and we often spend time chatting and playing games.
  • Nature - I enjoy being outside. We often go boating and fishing, I love to camp and canoe. I enjoy just sitting outside and watching the animals play. My desk is in front of a window, it's not unusual to come in and find me staring out it watching the birds. Much to the frustration of my father and brothers, there is no hunting allowed on my property (except for the wild pigs that try to break into the pig pen-They got to "hunt" the 2 that have come so far.) I like that the turkeys and deer come to the pond for water and don't want to discourage their visits.
  • Reading - My favorite pastime is reading (This love of reading does NOT extend to school text books however). I usually read one to two books a week.  My husband curls up at night and watches TV, I get out my book and read (I've inherited from my father the habit of falling asleep as soon as I sit still in front of a TV. Yep, this means when I go to the movies, I pay $7.00 for a nap). I read just about anything, But currently my passion runs toward suspense/mysteries. Below is a list of some of my favorites.
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    Iris Johansen

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    This is my favorite author. I've read all but one of her books. I'll remedy that as soon as I find it. She brings a mix of mystery and romance that makes her books a little different. Most of her books tie characters from previous books into the new one, So you get a chance to see what's going on the characters you previously read about. I'd highly Recommend her book Faces of Deception.
    James Patterson

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    I started reading Patterson books when Along Came a Spider came out. I don't like to watch a movie based on a book until after I've read the book (the books are always better, and generally ruin the movie for me). I've read everything he's wrote to date. I enjoy the continuing story of Alex Cross.
    Michael Palmer

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    Every once in a while I'll find I'm current on all the books from one of my favorite authors and try someone new. I found Palmer during one of these times. He writes murder/suspense mysteries and almost all of them are in the medical field. I've not read all his books yet, He's one of my authors for this summer. The medical part gives it a different bent then the other authors I read
    Dan Brown

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    I started reading Dan Brown because The DaVinci Code was so popular, I had to see what all the fuss was about. This man weaves a great story and includes a lot of facts, So I get a history lesson too. My only complaint is that I've read all his books.....Write faster Dan!!!!

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