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More of the Sabbat

The Bishops ruling over Hollywood (From left to right: Gangrel antitribu Lilith, and Toreador antitribu Allejandro)

The ever elusive Fallen Angels pack- left to right: Lilia, Kendall, Anatoliy, and Marcos

Two of our Tzimisce showing the Serpent of the Light just how much of his face they can Craft off before he passes out.

A gathering of Hollywood Sabbat. Starting clockwise from left: Ceres Romani and Rickter Von Belmont, Kendall and Stands Alone, Anatoliy's head and Jyphona - a Lasombra.

Brujah antitribu Templar Will Parrigan doing what he does best- moving to protect Elder Raven Esquin from an otherwise very boring talk about Caine with the Assamite Noddist Michael DiCarlo.

A rare find in Hollywood some of The Sabbat having a good laugh with Bishop Allejandro and our Serpent of the Light- I'd be careful boys, them's Tzimisce and they can hurt ya good.

Yet another gathering of the Sabbat, listening to the words of Ashad- another fanatic Assamite- is it me or do some of them look like they're plotting to throw paper wads? Now now, don't let the Malkavian's presence get to you guys that much.

Raven Esquin on the floor in a fit of hysterics- no wonder they think she could be a Malkavian just look at her making such a spectacle of herself.

Both of the Brujah antitribu Templars having a conversation about the best way to make a bomb with only toothpaste, dental floss , a cigarette lighter and napalm.. we'll let you know their conclusion.

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