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House Rules

The house rules are for the most part regular White Wolf rules. It's highly reccomended to buy "Laws of the Night" and "Guide to the Sabbat" from White Wolf Publications to get a better grasp on the game.

Rule #1. Usually, for the Sabbat, backgrounds are not allowed- in this game you have two background points available to spend at character creation. Generation you may take but you can not spend the two points on Generation you may, however spend freebies on it like specified in the book.

Rule #2. Sabbat have four points to spend on Disciplines in this game you are allowed five points upon creation also, just a note: no starting character may start with an intermediate level discipline.

Rule #3. Age is not a background that is allowed in this game, neither is Military Force unless backed up by a very good character background.

Rule #4. Clans not allowed: Nagaraja, Baali, Kiasyd, Harbingers of Skulls, Tremere antitribu (they don't exist), Samedi, Cappadocians, True Brujah. No Garou, Changelings, Changing Breeds, Magi, or Hunters-unless specified by the Story Teller as NPC's

Rule #5. Independent and minor bloodlines are allowed but, these smaller clans may be capped: the following clans have a set number allowed: Daughters of Cacophony, Assamite antitribu, Ravnos antitribu, Salubri antitribu, Salubri, Serpents of the Light, Setites, Ravnos, Assamite, Blood Brothers- Blood Brothers are allowed but, there must be more than one Blood Brothers playing in the game.

Rule #6. Generation is capped at 9th Generation- none below that- 8th is only allowed as NPC's.

Rule#7. This is just a game please repeat that to yourself until it gets through your head. A character dies- deal with it, you are not your character and if you are- please don't play in this game.

Rule #8. You must submit a background story to the story teller in order to be able to spend EXP's- it doesen't have to be a novel but, it must be done.

Rule #9. For Lasombra- a social trait is needed to be expended for Obtenebration- in this game you do not have to spend a social trait unless Obtenebration is used in combat or to harm others. For example Joe Blow the Lasombra is going to use Shroud of Night to cloak himself as he walks through a back alleyway, there are no mortals in the way therefore no social trait is needed to be expended, but, if the Shroud of Night is used and there are a few mortals around they will suffocate and die therefore he must expend the social trait.

Rule #10. As stated above if a Discipline requires a trait to be spent to use it and the Discipline is used for special effects purposes only no trait needs to be spent.

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