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The Sabbat in Hollywood shown here in action. There are two pages to work with all of these pictures. This may take some time to load up.

The Assamite antitribu clan. (from left to right: Ashad, Vincent Darkmoon, and Michael Dicarlo)

Hollywood's lone Gargoyle - Kendall.

the Malkavian antitribu showing what they're made of.

The Ravnos antitribu (left to right: Ceres Romani, and Rickter VonBelmont) sharing a moment of joy after ripping off one of the Bishops.

Another loner in Hollywood, a Serpent of the Light- one of our more "well to do" Sabbat

The Toreador antitribu (left to right: Raven Esquin and Bishop Allejandro)

The Tzimisce clan : left to right: Luis Bratovich, Anatoliy Koshenko , Marcos Denisovitch and Lilia

The lone Ventrue antitribu of Hollywood.

More of the Sabbat in action

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