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You can earn the following EXP from Hollywood. We play in real time so the game is done in two week intervals. This is the new EXP that will be rewarded please note: this takes effect on December 22, 2001.

Week 1: You will earn 1 XP for coming to the game, and one XP for posting on the board OR sending the ST downtime. Although both are reccomended- just as a clarification, if you post on the board and send downtime, you will still recieve 1 XP. Also, if you post on the board more than once you will still recieve 1 XP for the week.

Week 2: You recieve 1 XP for posting on the board, and one XP for sending downtime to the ST.

You can earn a total of 4 in two weeks.

If you do something special or out of the oridinary EXP's will be awarded at ST's discretion. Also, upon character creation you will gain 1 EXP for submitting a character background story. I must have a background story in order for you to spend EXP's for your character.

EXP's can and will be docked for the following:

#1. Taking OOC knowledge IC you will lose 4 EXP (that's two weeks)

#2. Staying Out of Character in the In Character area- we have an OOC area use it if you are going to talk and not participate in the scene. ST Note: an easy rememdy for this: if you are bored, grab the ST or a Narrator and have a scene run or interact with other players and create a plot.

#3. Fighting or arguing of any sort Out of Character will result in IMMEDIATE EXP's being docked- if it goes too far you will be removed from the game.

#4. Metagaming- a huge pet peeve of many people.. EXP's will be docked for Metagaming (that includes cheating).

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