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GM V. Kramnik vs. Deep Fritz  

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 This is game # 3. (Kramnik vs. Deep Fritz) 

Kramnik Fights Back to Win Game 3, Leads 2.5-0.5 

To be a Grandmaster you must know how to fight every type of battle. To be 
a world champion you must learn how to make your opponent fight on your 
battlefield. Vladimir Kramnik came out of an inferior position to outplay Fritz 
in a tough five-hour duel.  Read more  - on  ChessBase's  website. 

 My take on this game? I watched most of it on  Black played a tame  
 opening - and even got doubled KBP's on the f-file. But the computer over-  
 reached in a possible winning attempt ... and left a pawn on f6. (Something a   
 human would  never  do!)  Kramnik scooped up the pawn and cashed in the  
 full point in a nearly effortless display of flawless technique.   

Date:  2002.10.08  Game # 3 (Three)  
White:  Deep-Fritz  (7.0) (Est. 2650)  Black:  GM Vladimir Kramnik (2807) 
 ECO Code "C45" 
Brains in Bahrain / Man-Machine  Match. 
Manama, Bahrain 

1.e4 e5;  2.Nf3 Nc6;  3.d4 exd4;  4.Nxd4 Bc5;  5.Nxc6 Qf6!?;  
6.Qd2!? dxc6;  7.Nc3 Ne7;  8.Qf4 Be6!;  9.Qxf6 gxf6;  10. Na4 Bb4+; 
11.c3 Bd6;  12. Be3 b6;  13. f4 O-O-O;  14. Kf2 c5;  15.c4 Nc6;  
16.Nc3 f5;  17.e5 Bf8;  18.b3 Nb4;  19.a3 Nc2;  20.Rc1 Nxe3;  
21.Kxe3 Bg7;  22.Nd5 c6;  23.Nf6?! Bxf6;  24.exf6 Rhe8;  
25.Kf3 Rd2;  26.h3 Bd7;  27.g3 Re6;  28. Rb1 Rxf6;  29.Be2 Re6;  
30.Rhe1 Kc7;  31.Bf1 b5;  32.Rec1 Kb6;  33.b4 cxb4;  34.axb4 Re4; 
35.Rd1 Rxd1;  36.Rxd1 Be6;  37.Bd3 Rd4;  38.Be2 Rxd1;  
39.c5+ Kb7;  40.Bxd1 a5;  41.bxa5 Ka6;  42.Ke3 Kxa5;  43.Kd4 b4; 
44.g4 fxg4;  45.hxg4 b3;  46.Kc3 Ka4;  47.Kb2 f6;  48.Bf3 Kb5;  
49.g5 f5; 50.Kc3 Kxc5;  51.Be2,  
{White Resigned}  0-1

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  (Click  HERE  to see  GM K. Mueller's  deeply annotated version of this game.)   

  Click  HERE  to see   my   own (deep) annotations to this game!!  
(Its on a java-script, replay page  ...  so you don't even need a chess board.)

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