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GM V. Kramnik vs. Deep Fritz  

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One of the principal organizers of this match
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 This is game # 2. (Kramnik vs. Deep Fritz) 

Kramnik Squeezes the Machine to Win Game 2
The champion induced Fritz to make several mistakes in the early going and the 
program never recovered. Fritz fought back tenaciously, but Kramnik kept firm 
control of the position throughout and now leads the match 1.5-0.5. After the game 
Kramnik said that he had been surprised by the "inhuman" defence of the computer 
and almost resigned himself to a draw.  
(Read  more  on  ChessBase's  web-site.) 


My take on this game? I watched this game on almost all the way through.
White played a very boring line of the  QGA.  The game seemed destined for a quick
draw, but I guess the machine got ambitious. Kramnik played a brilliant "combine" ... 
and White seemed all set to win quickly. But then the computer found a way to give 
back the material. Kramnik got a slightly superior position, but the computer could 
not hold the draw. (The box definitely needs work on its end-game.) But I must also 
take my hat off to Kramnik, to beat such a formidable opponent ...  
it is almost an inhuman, incredible feat. I am impressed. Deeply so. 

   The game position after 30.Bc5!! (kram-vs-df2_pos1.gif, 11 KB)

 The actual game position after White's ultra-brilliant 30th move. 

Date:  2002.10.06
Game # 2 (Two) 
White: GM Vladimir Kramnik (2807) 
Black:  Deep Fritz - 7 (estimated 2750) 
ECO Code: "D27" 

1. d4 d5;  2. c4 dxc4;  3. Nf3 Nf6;  4. e3 e6;  5. Bxc4 c5;  
6. O-O a6;  7. dxc5 Qxd1;  8. Rxd1 Bxc5;  9. Kf1 b5;  10. Be2 Bb7; 
11. Nbd2 Nbd7;  12. Nb3 Bf8;  13. a4 b4;  14. Nfd2 Bd5;  15. f3 Bd6; 
16. g3 e5;  17. e4 Be6;  18. Nc4 Bc7;  19. Be3 a5;  20. Nc5 Nxc5;  
21. Bxc5 Nd7;  22. Nd6+ Kf8;  23. Bf2 Bxd6;  24. Rxd6 Ke7;  
25. Rad1 Rhc8;  26. Bb5 Nc5;  27. Bc6 Bc4+;  28. Ke1 Nd3+;  
29. R1xd3 Bxd3;  30. Bc5 Bc4;  31.Rd4+ Kf6;  32. Rxc4 Rxc6;  
33. Be7+ Kxe7;  34. Rxc6 Kd7;  35. Rc5 f6;  36. Kd2 Kd6;  
37. Rd5+ Kc6;  38. Kd3 g6;  39. Kc4 g5;  40. h3 h6;  41. h4 gxh4;  
42. gxh4 Ra7;  43.h5 Ra8;  44. Rc5+ Kb6;  45. Rb5+ Kc6;  
46. Rd5 Kc7;  47. Kb5 b3;  48. Rd3 Ra7;  49.Rxb3 Rb7+;  
50. Kc4 Ra7; 51. Rb5 Ra8;  52. Kd5 Ra6;  53. Rc5+ Kd7;  
54. b3 Rd6+;  55.Kc4 Rd4+;  56. Kc3 Rd1;  
{Black resigned} 1 - 0 


   Click  HERE  to see my annotations of this most interesting chess battle.     


  (Go over the game on ChessBase's  web-site  on a java-script re-play page. Click  HERE
    This is an ANNOTATED version, by GM K. Mueller.) 


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