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CLICK HERE TO VISIT HENDEKA OFFICIAL WEBSITE - SOUNDTRACK / VIDEO / MULTIMEDIA / PAINTINGS/MIXED MEDIA////Since september 11th attacks, and against popular good consciousness that would try to prevent us from making Art out of it, we are working on an installation around the idea according to which any centre of attraction will end ineluctably in collapsing on itself, such as what the astrophysicians call gravitationnal singularities. We wish to multiply the standpoints beyond common dimensions, and to reveal the beauty of places that remain inaccessible to the evidence. We think that our multimedia (made of mixed media paintings, shadow projections, minerals, multidimensionnal soundtracks, sculptures, video installations... see site for details) works can also bend the curve of space-time by showing the beauty of a world from which we receive a fractalian echo, with its cosmic and metaphysical resonnances.

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