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Helios Portfolio

All these pictures are not the full sizes, the most I have reduced them is 50%, which was for the CityScapes Newsletter. The rest have only been scaled back a maximum of 30%.
Concert Flyer
This was designed for a friend's concert, all artwork on it is original. Name of the band is Muirfield.
Adam Smitley
Newsletter Banner
Church asked me to make a banner for the top of their newsletter. All artwork is original, photography specially taken for this job.
Adam Smitley
Vector Art Geko
Something I was playing with at school in my graphics class while I was between projects.
Adam Smitley
Muirfield Vector
Another Vector, it is unfinished. I'm currently working on it, as a new entrance picture for Muirfield's website, which i have also designed.
Adam Smitley