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Hedge Of Protection
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If disaster were to hit your household could you name all of your personal valuables in 5 mins...?
How about 5 hours...?
How about 5 days...?
How about 5 weeks..?

Most of us would be able to name our most valued items within the first 5 mins.
Next, we might be able to list all of our furnishings in 5 hours.
In 5 days, we might be able to list our small appliances or some electronics.
In 5 weeks, we might start to remember litte items or the items that are ofter forgotten like outdoor patio furniture, tools, etc...

Consider the services of "Hedge of Protection" to assure that you have a complete and accurate account of all of your personal assets.

Everyone has something that they cherish, whether big or small, expensive or cheap. For this reason the services of "Hedge Of Protection Home Inventory Service"is of the utmost importance.

We at "Hedge Of Protection"stand between your cherish possesions and the disaster that may befall them.

Whether you have a mansion or a mobile home,you should protect the blessings that have been give to you. Hedge Of Protectionwill make a complete inventory of your personal assets. In the event some type of disaster falls your way, you will have documentation of what you lost. We at Hedge Of Protection believe "a picture is worth a thousand words" and we strive to bring you a complete and accurate account of your cherish pocessions.

If you are wondering why you should pay someone to do what you can do yourself, then consider the facts. First,the chore of inventoring your home is probaly on your "to- do list" but you just have not found the time to do it. Second,if you are looking for your insurance company to take care of everything, remember this... Insurance companies will replace property with the same kind and quality concept of what you lost. But if your property s valued above the standard rule, it is your responsibility to prove otherwise.

Natural disasters such as floods,hurricanes,landslides, tornados, etc. are all unpredictable. Other disasters such as arson, burgaries, vandalism are dispecable. What ever the cause,it is so very important to have an accurate description of your valuables.

Whether you are the owner of a home or a business, we at "Hedge Of Protection" invite you to contact our offices and set up an appointment for a home inventory.

Please also take a look at the other services that "Hedge Of Protection" offers. We offer can organize your photos on cd rom. We can also catogorize your collections of cds, books, family receipes, etc.. to a cd rom. We can research your collectable items and find the latest value if you are uncertain of their value.

Hedge Of Protection
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