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--GeT a CaMrY--


-AbOuT mE-

-My PeEps-

-My CaMrY-



-GuEsT bOok-


--WeLcUm 2 My PaGe--
Hey wassup? Welcome to my page here. Its under construction right now, so some parts may look good and some parts will be empty, but keep checking back for updates.

1.30.03- 2 Fast 2 Furious Movie Preview Click here. For the 2 Fast 2 Furious Preview Pics Click here.

1.24.03- I added a guestbook if you havent noticed. So sign it before you leave! I also added the -PiX- section up, along with the -RiDeZ- section.

1.17.03- I started on building up this site. It is mainly to represent my car, and get people to see it all over the world. I will have updated pics of the car after I get all my parts in, and get it out of the shop. It is going for in for a EVO IV body kit, with a Carbon Fiber Hood, along with some graphics.

Questions? or Comments?
That's what the guestbook is for