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The Ghostbusters Spooktacular was the pride and joy of the New York area in Universal.  With two GB locations, the firehouse and library, built right into the facades, the Ghostbusters had a great place to call home.  The Spooktacular, accessed by entering the park's firehouse facade, was a live action show that launched with the opening of the park. 

The first version of this show had you sit inside a room that housed a replica of the top of the Shandor building, while a female Tour Guide talked to you about the movie.  What she basically is out to do, is to convince the audience that they are looking at special effects recreated from the movie, a museum tour if you will.  So she talks about the movie and about how Universal recreated the effects, just to make you think everything is fake.  That is to setup the arrival of Gozer, and the real problem.  Suddenly there is a real ghost, a real threat, and only the real Ghostbusters can save the day. 

The Goze once again tries to put the moves on a would be girlfriend by controlling the tourguide with lightning, and forcing her into the Temple. Fortunately, as the tourguide mindlessly walks up toward Gozer, the Ghostbusters burst out from the bottom of the terror dog statues to rescue her. 

The busters rush from each terror dog statue (one on each side of the stage) and meet in the middle to high five, and prepare to take on Gozer. However Gozer has something else in mind, and before retreating into smoke commands "Demons of this temple...DESTROY THEM!".  

Various ghosts appear around the stage and the busters shoot them all. After each ghost is shot they fade away and disappear. Once all the ghosts are gone, the tour guide rushes to the busters and thanks them. Ray then says "Did you see that? We nutronized them into molecular nonentities";

So the Boys in Grey have saved the day...right? Well, not if Gozer has anything to say about it, and 'whatever it wants to be' reappears to toy with the boys again. 


As the nimble little minx jumps and cartwheels around stage, the Busters try firing but miss her, and so Gozer manage to run back into her temple with the tour guide.  The Ghostbusters, not wanting to demolecularize the girl, don't fire another shot which allows Gozer to escape behind the templee doors. 

The "Choose and perish" scene comes next, with the boys trying to clear their minds. "Clear....clear....clear" the boys chant to help empty their thoughts. However poor old Ray just can't help himself, and thinks of something that could never possibly destroy them.  


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