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We offer the following:

Base Map Drafting:
  • Streets done in 50 ft or 60 ft widths, CAD maps (Etakmap)
  • Scale of 1" = 100 ft
  • All streets labeled with names
  • All maps with parts of a street on them will have street labelled on all maps
  • Print size 22" x 34", which can be reduced to a standard 11" x 17"
  • Standard grid system with all maps bearing matching notations on all four sides

    Strand Drafting
  • All information gathered during walkout
  • Pole numbers
  • Power transformer information gathered during walkout

    MDU Drafting and Design

    System design (Focus or Focus-one)
  • All electronics, cable, passives and taps designed to your specifications
  • CAD drafting of design on Etakmaps. All amplifiers will be logo's using the amp
        information block of your choice, each with its own unique identification number,
        power mode, cascade, input level design frequency, and amplifier type
  • System powering, including P/S location, power blocks, P/S amperage loading
  • Materials list including electronics, passives, taps and connectors
  • Termination levels at highest and lowest frequency
  • Draft design on 1" = 100 ft maps
  • Return (two-way) path design

    All our drafting and design services include a single copy of each print. Additional prints on paper available for a nominal charge. 11" x 17" reductions on paper are also available.

    Clients will receive a copy of the grid at the start of the project, provided that base map drafting services are utilized

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