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Christmas Break 2001

My first Christmas break back from school was a great one. My best friend was home from Arizona for almost a whole month. I think I saw her just about every day. This would explain why she is in just about every single picture on this page. =) Enjoy!

Rebecca and I on Christmas Eve infront of her Christmas tree.

The three amigos, together again. FINALLY! =)

Rebecca the dominatrix...Aaron does your gf know about this? And Rebecca...your boyfriend?

Erin, Kari, Rebecca and I at Panera in Orlando. We had a lot of laughs that night. We even forced a couple to switch tables! Now how often do you actually accomplish such a task? Wait...everytime I go to a restaurant that happens...oh well. =p

An ADORABLE picture of my best friend and I.

Erin, Rebecca, Aaron, Andrew and myself hanging out at Downtown Disney. A great night out with friends. Anything related to Disney is great!

So did I mention we went to the Magic Kingdom and met Mickey? We didn't see Walt's winkey this time though...=(

The Girls in O-Town

Rebecca and I on New Year's Eve at Wayne's house. Like the bonfire?

James and Rebecca on New Year's Eve

Rebecca and her bro Richard ringing in the new year. Yeehaw!

To my pleasant surprise, my grade school buddy Kimmie was at the same party. GO EAGLES!

Richard definitely liked the bonfire...enough to walk right through it!

Our last night in the same city/state/region of the nation/within 1800 miles of each other Rebecca and I watched movies. Here we are with the Pepsi elf...a Christmas tradition in itself.