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Fun with Web Cams

On this section, I will showcase the fun that I have with my webcam. Ok, also the time that I waste just messing around with my new toy. =) If there are any questions about the mental state of the people in these pictures, please call 1-800-Charter. LOL...


Do you love Cheerwine enough to buy the shirt?

Elizabeth sure did enjoy her soda at lunch the other day.

Ok here's a serious back to the fun!

Elizabeth! What are you doing to Kari?!

Well I guess she liked it cause she's paying you back! LOL

Yes we are quite weird...but who cares!

Jason is a nut and a monkey with ears like those. =) Two coconuts and a hairy banana, right Kari?

After a few VALIUM we settled down a bit.

Dave...don't ask. LOL 'nough said.

My best friend with two of her friends from school making great use of her webcam. =)

Melissa being her freaky self. =)

The next few pics...just don't

Rebecca and her roommate, Joc

Reb and Dara

My cousin's best friend Will stopped by for a visit...or he just wanted me to buy him lunch. =)

Nice beard...

LOL...yeah so anyways...

Mike and Carolyn drove to freaking Tally just to see me! It was so much fun! They are crazy...I think they may have scared my roommate and suitemates