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Remember When...

Do you remember when you were a cute little kid? I do...gosh I wonder what happend? may find yourself on this page. Are you the one wearing neon green bike shorts? Or maybe you're the one dressed as a little wait that's me. =) Enjoy!

I wonder if Kari was wearing her Sunday undies on that Wednesday? Let me know if you can tell, cause those black tights are making it hard to read the print. LOL...yes that's me. OK? Everyone thought I was a boy til I was in 7th grade! GET OVER IT ALREADY!

Hey Nick...nice legs...are those hot legs under your leg hair?

Kari is Mary...duh who could've guessed that one...and I...well I'm the angel whose halo fell off...I wonder if that was an early sign...hmm...

My roommate and her best friend Caroline. HOW SWEET! Where did that cute little girl go? She seems so sweet and nice...if only she were here now...LOL JK ERIN!

Little did Liz and I know that we HAD met each other long long ago over a couple mountain dews. =)